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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Hip-Hop Snob (Dub-Wub)

Nobody ever asks me for my opinion on music, especially not about hip-hop, but next time someone does I'm going to say the above.

I was thinking about how music changes a while ago, and I was wondering what the music will be like for our kids. It seems to me that music genres kinda burst out of nowhere, split into a bunch of different sub-genres of that genre, and then each of those sub-genres mixes with other genres as much as music enthusiasts like so you end up with ridiculous genres such as raggacore.

So electronic music is basically what pop songs are made of these days, and dubstep is hugely popular among the electronic genre, so where is dubstep going to go? I imagine teens in a few years time will be saying things like, "Oldschool dubstep is shite, it's fuckin' boring.", "I'm way more into new-rave dubwub.", "Nah man dubwomp is for batties, it's all about the dubwub.".

Anyway, there's my 2 useless pennies on that.

Travis buzz is a good buzz. They do good videos. Kinda has to lead onto Britney Spears though doesn't it. I always forget how hot she is just because of all the manky pictures you see on magazine covers since slating her used to be so popular.

My cousin had a great comment a few years ago that stuck with me, an unforgettable comment it seems. She said "Britney Spears is great because she's proof that anyone can be hot. Like she's basically an ugly guy, but with all those people looking after her she's hot.".

Went out with the cousins last night. It was fun. If you haven't seen my facebook status I got some stellar compliments.

I was told:
"You look like a skobe James. A douchebag like, a knacker." and "I like your facial hair, it makes you look less like a strung out child."
<3 my cousins.

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