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Friday, 13 April 2012

Studying is real hard.

Studying is real boring more like.

I was out last night, and I'm going to a 21st tonight too so I guess I'm expected to get drunk.
Pretty much means yet another day not doing any decent study. Having only 6 exams has made me not nearly as worried as I surely should be.

I had forgotten about this little gem of an artist (WAYOOO A PUN).
One of my mates who I guess I fell out with and drifted apart from in secondary school used to slag me for liking Jem because he thought she was real gay, but then one of her songs was in The OC which he used to watch and he started to like her. Who was the bent one of us I ask you.
Probably us both.

This song is really sad and lovely

So I don't think I've told yiz lads yet but I've bottled the going to camp thing.
I'm gonna try get a real job and make money-money instead.

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