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Monday, 30 April 2012

Exams and Lovage

Exams start tomorrow. It's probably the least work I've done out of all 4 years so far and it's the last and most important ones... It'll be grand sure.

Does anyone else keep clicking to make a new blog by accident instead of making a new post? I've done it just about everytime since this new layout came...

Define Lovage: A large, edible, white-flowered plant (esp. Levisticum officinale) of the parsley family.
I somehow don't think that is what this band had in mind when they chose this name. I randomly stuck them on as I was falling asleep last night since I've been overdoing the old Kanye lately, hadn't listened to them in ages.

Strangely enough my sister introduced me to this band. They're really chill; if there was one word to describe the music though I think it'd be "lustful". Sometimes they are just a little bit filthy, like this one.
[edit: forgot to mention, nearly sure this one has audio clips from Some Like it Hot in it, never even noticed the clips before I had seen the movie]

I think this one's maybe my favourite.

The album is called music to make love to your old lady by.

I really don't have much to say........................................ Life gets boring around exam time, except everything that isn't study seems really exciting. Who'd have thought you can get so much fun from making yourself a sandwich.
I spend far too much time sitting down with notes open waiting for someone to DrawSomething for me. I should probably delete that game for my own good.

Here are some lovely draws I've done since last post, and some random pictures I found in my notes.

I'm not really sure what all the raggin' on Donal was for, he must have just been sitting beside me.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Posting excessively

I made this purely because I want more people to play drawsomething with. If you have a relatively new android phone or an iPhone download DrawSomething Free and add me plz!
If anybody wants to play DrawSomething with me that isn't already, my username is JambonJudge.

I was walking in to college this morning in the wind and rain when this song came on my ipod. It perked me right up, didn't mind walking in the rain. You know when you stand tall in the rain instead of cowering and making futile attempt at staying a tiny bit drier. I had never heard it before, it's really cool.

This is another choon from Kanye. I never really appreciated him very much, I always just thought he's a bit of an idiot but he's not. He's ridiculously arrogant, but he's honest which is nice.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

What's this?

I tried to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas at 4am last night, but it stopped playing and asked me to register for some website after 15 minutes. Probably for the best. I had a lecture in college today at 3pm. I was 20 minutes late because I didn't get up in time.. It's ridiculous.

I printed this off to learn.

I quite like the actual song, especially this video (even if the spelling is atrocious). Amirite lads yeye, course I am.

Labrinth was meant to play t-ball but he cancelled, I looked at his twitter at the time to see why, and he's a twitter whore fyi, but he had his DrawSomething username on it. It's "labrinthischildish", but I couldn't play with him because he has too many games going =[.
Here's a slick drawing I did earlier on it actually. Scooby doo baby.

I also drew some lovely pictures in that real boring lecture I said I was in earlier, my iPhone's camera is shit though, and it can't focus on things which are kinda close:

I'm unhappy because I am a spider and have to eat flies.

Of course I'm nervous. I'm a fly. Spiders try to eat me. You don't understand, you're a human, they don't try to eat you. Have you seen a spider up close? They're scary. To us flies, they're monsters. I live in a world with monsters.
 2 sides of the story innit.

I was talking about suicide with someone the last day, and I brought up this song. I usually think about it when I hear about suicide or if I ever ponder about suicide. [One of my sort of friends who I've definitely grown apart from as we grew older (we're just quite different people) once said, "I ponder, regular people wonder, clever people ponder."]. I think maybe sometimes I talk about suicide or depressing things too much on this, I just want to make it clear that I'm not suicidal at all! I worry that I give off that vibe sometimes, I've never seriously considered it at all, but that doesn't mean I can't think what it would be like right?

Anyway, this song really highlights the selfishness of suicide, how it doesn't just affect you.

On another note, I remember something that I wanted to say here the last day.

When we were looking through the pictures of my parents when they were younger, my lil sister asked mum, "Did you always want to have kids yeah? You never look as happy in these pictures as when you're with your godson in them.", to which my mum replied yeah she always wanted kids blah. Then I was surprised when moo says something along the lines of: I don't really, but you're the same though James, aren't you? I was a bit taken aback. She was right like, it is something that I'm really looking forward to, but I don't think I have ever once told her that. But then again, it is the only real point in life; to pass on your genes and try give your kids a real happy/meaningful life. I can never understand how some people wouldn't want to have kids. I think I'll make a real good dad when the time comes, but I still have far too much stuff I want to do before I'd actually want that responsibility. You'd have to be so much more careful because it'd be way worse if you die if you have kids.
In short, I'm class, so why wouldn't I want more mes in the world?

Since I'm not going to be having kids anytime soon, I really want to get a puppy after my exams. I'd love that. I'm probably going to get real bored around the house over the summer, so it'd be class to have something to do. I love our dog, but he's a bit of a dope to be honest, and he's certainly my sister's dog moreso than a family dog or my dog. I could spend hours with him, but he'd still choose her over me, I guess just because she put the time in when he was young.
Mum will go nuts if I get one though, but she always objects and then comes to love whatever pets we get. I think I'll get one regardless really of whether she allows me or not.

Also, this must be a sign because I'd been thinking this for the last while and then David Thorne (if you haven't seen this website before, you're in for a treat, he's hilarious) made this post.


Sunday, 22 April 2012

Which way does the poon flow???

Away from James. That's where.
I wish I cared more.
I wish I cared more about a lot of things.

I really have nothing to report about trinity ball, it was fun, it flew by, and so far as I know it was scandal-less, so far as I know I didn't have any kissies (although it wouldn't be a first if I found out after I did).
Nobody seems to have any stories at all.

Check this out though, I was pretty happy with my sneaky vodka.

It worked a dream for sneaking drink past the security guards, snugly secured in a 3rd plastic bag stored between my legs. I used a 3rd bag because I figured I'd share it around and it'd be a little unhygienic to be like, here have some vodka, I just took it from under my balls.. To make it I got 2 sandwich bags (just in case one leaked), the top of a water bottle, and a rubber band.

I literally can't think of ANYTHING worth mentioning about the ball here. I didn't see any acts. I drank my share and my chest still feels sore. I feel like I smoked 20 cigarettes and I'm pretty sure I only actually had a small bit of a joint. I smoked right down to the roach though since it didn't seem to burn too harsh, but I was maybe just real drunk and didn't realise.

I watched The Green Mile the other day, it was amazing. I loved it. It was so sad, and so lovely. A lesser man than me would have cried. I'm a big man though. Strong as I am wise. So I basically just kept my eyes open for ages while I was watching it to see what it feels like to have watery eyes. It felt womanly and I shall not be in a rush to do it again.

I have never really listened to The Beatles but I like this song

Remember when you were in primary school and you'd put your hand up to ask a question, but the teacher would be talking about something, so you'd stop thinking about your question and listen, and then you'd forget your question? Well that's how I feel right now. I had a coherent flow of topics to discuss in my head, and now I totally forget. I am that child again.

It's late and I can't for the life of me remember what it was I wanted to waffle on about.
I hope I don't sleep in til 1 again tomorrow. Really doesn't help with study.

The intro thing is kinda weird for this, I'm not sure if it's from a movie or what, but the tune is real nice and the lyrics are ace.

I don't know, have I linked this blog before?
It's this American kid, and it's sooo nice to read her blog. She sometimes says the sweetest things and is sometimes surprisingly profound, although sometimes she says silly things too as you'd expect from someone her age, but in general her blog makes me happy. You might like it.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Never had I ever considered it but..

What if I'm adopted? Would it change anything? I always just said, no it wouldn't. But I never thought I could be til I saw this picture of my dad when he was about my age.

The resemblance is fucking nil. He looks like an american highschool knucklehead jock. People always tell me my dad was the strongest man they knew etc. Good farm worker muscles on him. Does this look or sound like me? He also could grow his mustache the whole way, mine was like 2 parts (was because it is now gonezo, I'll get to that.).

People also say I resemble my mums side of the family. This is true I guess, but I don't resemble my mum, she was a model. You know the way "they" say guys end up marrying someone like their mum? Well there's fuck all chance I could get a girl who looks like my mum. I'm pretty sure that saying is about personality though. Anyway, I don't think I'm biased because I'm of her blood; my mum was really good looking.


And I didn't bother taking a picture of when it was gone, but it's all gone now.
With no facial hair at all I look about 16. If I didn't have so much grey hair I really would be passable for 16.

So after going to the barber, and being persuaded to shave by my little sis, mum arrived home and for whatever reason the old pictures came out, her and dad's wedding, her numerous siblings weddings and some other shit.
I knew my mum was a model, and I had seen some wedding pictures before, but I never really clocked that she actually was really good looking.
My mum had the looks, my dad had the muscles. What do I get? What did I possibly inherit from these parents? Can we pretend I have a killer sense of humour? Or I'm crazy smart? I'm not and I'm not. Definitely adopted...
I think, since mum was good looking things came her way easy, so she was lazy, so I'm lazy and never built the muscles and hard working attitude my dad had.... But my mum isn't particularly lazy really. Not nearly as bad as me.... It's one of life's great mysterys I guess.

Trinity ball 2moz. If I get no play I'm goin' gay. That's not true at all, it rhymed and I'm a sucker for things that rhyme (which reminds me, better find a video to link).

Mum and dad signing their papers at their wedding

Some random pic from her 20s that mum hates but is actually quite modelly or something.

Real bad quality take from my iPhone (yaw yaw). Think that's her nephew maybe?

So yeah. My day has been pretty bad for study as always. Played lots of drawSomething on the iPhone, put music on the iPhone and deleted mum's contacts&put mine on. I did a small amount of telecomms study... I didn't do any of the other subject I was supposed to do... The only thing I'm succeeding at is continually failing to meet my targets. Although I did do the exercise portion of my study timetable. That bit I can do.

Tomorrow will be worse. I probably won't do the only small bit of study I have scheduled.. 
I have to maybe go to a revision lecture if I get up in time, maybe pick up that present for my mates 21st, then go get my tickets for the ball, get drink, shower-change and then trek to pre-drinks.


Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Why oh why do iDo what iDo?

My mum got an upgraded iPhone so I'm going to take her old one since it's certainly an upgrade on my stressful  android phone. The screens bigger, hopefully battery life will be better, and hopefully it won't be so dog slow. iTunes is a stress to have to use though. It's just problem after problem. Here are 2 examples of piss annoying things which just are just apple being retards. The Apple Service Manager or something has to be already running and iTunes can't/doesn't prompt it to start. If you're like me and turn shit off so there's maybe less going on in the background, then you're going to hit that problem. You have to go and set it to start automatically in control panel, and then start it. Also, to restore an iPhone to factory settings you have to click the Restore button. Nice, that's easy, I can do that. Wait, NO I MUDDER FRUGGIN CAN'T?! For some unknown reason iTunes needs a proxy for this(it doesn't to browse the iTunes store or other iTunes internet related shit), so if you, like me, had your computer set to no-proxy, then you'll need another google to discover to set it to automatically configure.... Prix... I'm no apple fanboy yet anyway.

I felt really bad for my poor mum yesterday, she had Moo helping her set up her new iPhone but the apps didn't sync for some reason so she tried to sync them and somehow it ended up her iPhone was no longer recognisable to the computer or able to do squat. I spent some time trying to fix it but couldn't so Dad eventually had to do it that night for her, but it wasn't working for her when she went to be and she seemed quite upset about it, she was really convinced she was going to lose all her contacts. I think it was moreso frustration at what a pain iPhones are. Her new phone didn't sync the contacts properly either so she spent about 2 hours just there putting all the contacts into first and second names rather than just one name, and then comparing the numbers on each phone to see which ones she needed to re-enter fully (80 odd numbers).

What a fucking trek like. Apple really taking the piss there.

Study is going awfully by the way thanks for asking. Saw 2 rabbits again today, and a hawk I think. I'm actually quite excited to be finished and start working, mo money, mo fun, mo bitchez. That better be true. I think I'll try go to Sea Sessions if I can.

T-ball on friday. Should be fun. I'd want to lose my fridge at it.

I'd love to know how they make video effects like that. It's so cool.

p.s you've all been class, loadsa views lately. Not as many as Sarah, but still an improvement fo-sho.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

A fine title for a post

I just watched Hall Pass. For some reason I had it confused with that movie (had to google the actors in it) "Grown Ups" so I expected it to be really shit. I had seen the trailer for Grown Ups and it looked awful but my sister told me it (Hall Pass) was good so I gave it a go and it turned out it was pretty good indeed.

I saw 2 wild rabbits today. One was very light brown and I only glimpsed it, the other was grey-brown. They were both tiny.
I should have started by saying, I made a study plan today. Well actually, I finished my study plan today. I started it about a week ago but I never filled in what to do each day, so I basically did no study for the last week. I was out Thursday and Friday nights so write off Friday and Saturday for hangovers (I wasn't particularly hungover, but I felt entitled), which led to me waking up this Sunday morning feeling guilty and seriously unhealthy. So after I got out of bed at about half 1 I finished the study timetable and then did 3 hours study. Similar to my one for last year, I made 2 study slots a day, so 2 different subjects each day. One AM, one PM. Each 3 hours long with an hour break in the middle. In that middle break I have to either go for a jog over the back wall or go on the cross-trainer, although I may use it one of these days to get a haircut instead.

I think it's fair because if I'm only doing 6 hours a day and finishing at 6pm I'll have to do decent work in that time; instead of trying to study for 8 hours and on Facebook for most of that.

On eh, Thursday day I went for a jog too, it was really nice but I started thinking for some reason that I wouldn't actually have a problem killing a rabbit and eating it. I was imagining as I jogged along would I be able to even hit one, I imagined the rabbit being quite big but that I probably wouldn't be able to get very close or it would run away. I should mention I have a bow&arrow from when I was young, and my dad has a rifle. Shooting a rabbit with a rifle would be easy enough, the bow not so much. Last time I used it was years and years ago but I was pretty good at it for someone who never had any lessons or anything. I reckon if I was within 30 yards of a rabbit I would have had pretty good odds of hitting it. Then I was thinking if I did manage to hit it, I'd probably need a knife or something to finish it off quickly because the poor thing would be in a lot of pain. Also what would I even do with it then? What do people do with animals they kill? Can you bring it to the butchers? Would my dad know how to butcher it? I'd assume he would but maybe not? Is that something that used to be common knowledge but people nowadays just have no need to know? As I got back to my house to hop over the back wall I could smell burgers, one of the neighbours was obviously having a bbq. It smelt class.

So I went for my jog today and saw the first rabbit, I came around a corner and he was gonezo before I could even more than register he was there, let alone take my bow off my back (I jest, I didn't have a bow on my back, what the fuck dyu take me for? Have you seen what bows look like these days?).

They don't really look like this anymore.

People who take it seriously have bad boys like this

Bet this was his facebook profiler. Cool glasses, cool grunt.

Mine is a real cheapy one though so it looks more like the ones you might have used if you ever went to one of those adventure things for a school tour.
This is the closes I can find.

Back to the story, I'm wile bad for side-tracking.
When I saw these rabbits today I realised just how tiny rabbits are. They're terribly cute too. I'd never be able to hit one even if I could bring myself to try. There'd be fuck-all meat on it too so it wouldn't even be worth killing the little cutezo for.

LOOK AT THEM. I'd rather kill you.
Not really, I'd kill the rabbit before you, but still. I'd rather not kill the rabbit than have it for din dins.

There's also this sorta old unused courtyard thing (the golf course is by a lil castle) on my jogging path. It has some really old equipment for the course or something, and some old closed up looking buildings etc. If I was Sarah I'd find a way inside through the falling-in roof and take pictures.
But I'm not, and I don't even have a good camera if I wanted to. Plus it's quite near a guest-house or something so I'd rather not be spotted rooting around.

My blog hits have dropped (come here more often!). They were deadly for a while, now they're back to the olden days. You're letting me down lads and ladies. I'm getting very close to my 3000th page-view.

Here's my playlist for Jem. It's my study music.


Friday, 13 April 2012

Studying is real hard.

Studying is real boring more like.

I was out last night, and I'm going to a 21st tonight too so I guess I'm expected to get drunk.
Pretty much means yet another day not doing any decent study. Having only 6 exams has made me not nearly as worried as I surely should be.

I had forgotten about this little gem of an artist (WAYOOO A PUN).
One of my mates who I guess I fell out with and drifted apart from in secondary school used to slag me for liking Jem because he thought she was real gay, but then one of her songs was in The OC which he used to watch and he started to like her. Who was the bent one of us I ask you.
Probably us both.

This song is really sad and lovely

So I don't think I've told yiz lads yet but I've bottled the going to camp thing.
I'm gonna try get a real job and make money-money instead.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

As frigid as I am.

I could have sworn I made a post with this exact title before, I did a lil search and it didn't show up though so who fucks a give? eh? Tell me that. Who fucks a give?




It's eh, nice to see you again.

That last one is one of those gems. It's one of those things people can say that makes you feel great when they say it right, not when it's someone welcoming you to their shop. I don't think I've ever said it to someone. It's like when someone says "take care" but whatever the circumstance is, they really mean it.
It's really nice.

Actually, this "Nice guy Greg" meme looks so much like my cousin's fiancé, and he's a seriously nice guy too as it happens. He's the sort of guy who'd always say something nice like that.

The title for this post comes from my house being sooo cold all day. It's only freezin' in this old bunch of bricks.
Dyu ever feel like things have happened to you that actually haven't? I get it a lot. Maybe it's because of the whole tv/games generation, maybe I've an over-active imagination, maybe I'm a bit skits, or maybe everybody gets it to some extent. It's most likely because I have an awful, awful, awful memory, so I often find myself remembering/finding out things I completely forgot had happened to me. So sometimes I'll be like, "hmm did that happen to me too?".
It's quite annoying.

I think it's related to the way some songs can make you feel emotions that you've never really felt before, or know how to place them. It's what any good song should do really isn't it? Make you feel something. You know when you're real bikkied and you feel sorta how you did when you were a kid? There's just something hard to explain which is different, it happens sober too though, sometimes you get it when you hear a song, and sometimes you get it when you see something, or smell something. Just something new and amazing I guess, which makes you think, "have I felt like this before?", and then in an instant the feelings gone.
Embarrassingly enough, here are some songs which have in the past at times made me feel like that.

I've joked before about telling people I have "Identity Recognition Disorder", or something like that, just some made-up thing which sounds like it could be real, and then exaggerating how bad I am, like insisting I did ridiculous things that I clearly didn't, such as that time I got my first period at my Holy Communion. (I chose that example because a guy in my secondary school told me that happened to some girl  in his class. I'm pretty sure he was lying. He said she had white jeans on too. Scarlet for the poor thing.).

I was going to write about the lotto (because I'm considering buying a ticket) but I just couldn't be bothered explaining why I'd play and why I don't think it's a complete waste of money even though I understand the odds. I need to get up early enough tomorrow to do some college stuff so I'll leave this disjointed post with this rather disjointed song. I think it's a pretty cool song even though the "White America" lyrics for Eminems first verse don't really mesh very well.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Blogs are so self-centred.

Well obviously a blog like this one is going to be, but maybe I should talk about other stuff than myself more often. It was fun to write a blog about Dave, but there aren't many people who I'd feel like I'm allowed to do that for. There also aren't that many people who I'd really have enough to write about either.
I think most people like being mentioned.

Finished my thesis, just gotta hand it in tomorrow.

I think I said I was going to write about that mad fancy dinner that I had last Friday. Well I'm not going to bother. I'd need pictures to do it justice, and then it'd be like something from Sarah's blog.

Really tired.

Good night.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Hip-Hop Snob (Dub-Wub)

Nobody ever asks me for my opinion on music, especially not about hip-hop, but next time someone does I'm going to say the above.

I was thinking about how music changes a while ago, and I was wondering what the music will be like for our kids. It seems to me that music genres kinda burst out of nowhere, split into a bunch of different sub-genres of that genre, and then each of those sub-genres mixes with other genres as much as music enthusiasts like so you end up with ridiculous genres such as raggacore.

So electronic music is basically what pop songs are made of these days, and dubstep is hugely popular among the electronic genre, so where is dubstep going to go? I imagine teens in a few years time will be saying things like, "Oldschool dubstep is shite, it's fuckin' boring.", "I'm way more into new-rave dubwub.", "Nah man dubwomp is for batties, it's all about the dubwub.".

Anyway, there's my 2 useless pennies on that.

Travis buzz is a good buzz. They do good videos. Kinda has to lead onto Britney Spears though doesn't it. I always forget how hot she is just because of all the manky pictures you see on magazine covers since slating her used to be so popular.

My cousin had a great comment a few years ago that stuck with me, an unforgettable comment it seems. She said "Britney Spears is great because she's proof that anyone can be hot. Like she's basically an ugly guy, but with all those people looking after her she's hot.".

Went out with the cousins last night. It was fun. If you haven't seen my facebook status I got some stellar compliments.

I was told:
"You look like a skobe James. A douchebag like, a knacker." and "I like your facial hair, it makes you look less like a strung out child."
<3 my cousins.