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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

I have some ideas but I don't have time.

Couldn't be assed to make time for this. I'd rather watch tv on my breaks from pretending to study.
Might throw up some token links (I'll embed them, npz bbz) just so I don't totally forget about this thing.

Actually, I've been getting a bit sick of listening to Morcheeba and N.A.S.A on repeat so I stuck in my ipod which I never use because it's always out of battery since it's an old ipod mini and I realised I have great music on it.

Friday, 22 April 2011


Okay, so I was just discussing with my sis about how I'm going to have 2 wives. Girls dream of growing up and marrying a prince, I dream of growing up and having bitches e'erwhere. Yihyih, polygamy for Jamesy. So the law being fucked up and everything, polygamy isn't legal nearly everywhere decent. Which is ridiculous. Humans by nature are polygamous, so why would the law make people be monogamous?

Imagine how much better it'd be having 2 wives. One could get real good at cooking dinner and cleaning the dishes, and the other could get class at washing clothes and cleaning the house. They'd have to do half the work each and they'd be much better at their tasks because they'd have more time to concentrate on them. If they're ever home alone and lonely while I'm at work they have each other for the chats. When I have kids it'll be easier on them as there are 2 of them to look after the kids. I do realise I'd have to buy twice as much jewellery though, I figure I'd have to buy jewellery for them to share because that way they won't get jealous of what I get the other person. Of course both my wives are going to be well fit. Heck they'll have more time to keep in shape and look after themselves won't they? I'm sure there'd be other cool things you could do with 2 wives but I can't think of any............
So back to my problem; the law. UK and Australia both allow polygamy but only if the marriage was performed outside of the country. So the plan is to get my babes, fly off to africa, be wed, and then go back to the country of my choice. I'm not sure how cool it'll be though if I decide to go to somewhere like America and they're all like, "What you doing with 2 wives mate? That is well not on.".

On the phone to my thang on the side yehyeh.. Nahh I joke, I think if my wife would let me have another wife having a thing on the side would just be rude.

The main problem will be finding 2 dimes who are up for it, I don't want to marry 2 sluts. Also I'll need to get well rich. Needless to say my sister was less than impressed with my plans and not encouraging in the least.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

7755 and still alive

Blood like lemonade
HI FRIENDS. Study is going balls but hopefully I'll pass. Fundraising is going slow but hopefully it'll get there. Still need to do a buncha shit for suas... It'll be cooo' though.
I've been dying to go cliff jumping lately. I'd like to try a backflip, whats the worst that can happen? The jumps aren't even that big if you go at high tide. The water is what's really scary, it'd be so cold...
I think I'm going to go with Maeve this weekend if we have a mutual time that fits... I'll be sure to take a picture if I do go.
Token picture:
I like to think they land it nicely and don't do a big bellyflop, but we can't be sure....

Anyways I've too much study to be doing to go at the moment and I'm never out of bed before half 12 really so I waste enough of the day as it is....
I just don't have the time/energy to continue with my superhero stories at the moment, regular blogging is easy since I don't have to think for it.

I got a lovely compliment from my sister the other day; I was playing this piano piece which I had made up as I went along and had recorded on my laptop a while ago and my big sister (who is a complete music nooob) came into the room and goes, "James you should learn that piece, it's really nice.". Even though I know it's actually honestly really shit it's still nice to hear.

So as always I started writing this a few days ago and now I'm getting back to it to wrap this post up, or waffle for another 40 lines who knows yet...

First news is, Apparently we've lost another one lads. Fiachra Cahill has updated his facebook status to in a relationship. Fucks sake. Every man and his dog (weh weh weh) is in a relationship these days.

I did a little google earlier while studying to see what age the cast from that 70s show were and some of the stuff I read was kinda funny. Jackie is the youngest by about 3 years, Hyde the oldest by 2 years. Fez and Dona are in the middle and pretty much the same age. Kelso and Eric are a little older. Laurie was the eldest by an appropriate amount and seemingly she wound up as you would expect her character to, done for DUI.
Leo actually is a stoner in real life, he's been in a few stoner movies and was actually jailed in some drugs investigation. He also had a website selling weed paraphernalia.

As gay as this sounds I really like the thought of doing an old dance to this song in a club.
Speaking of gay, I can't believe this guy isn't gay.

This is turning into just a big link fest. I'll cut this blog post loose and start on my next one before this gets out of hand.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Oh ho ho ho, This boy has a loooooot of study to do be doing....

Supaaaa Dooooopaaaaa Copasetic(I love that word)

I think this blog post is more upbeat so yeah...... ENJOY.

I'm feeling pressure from the man (and by man I mean woman who won't be named) to make this into a blog with pointless hipster pictures of anything I see and talk about my hair and such forth. Which I won't cos that is fuckin' gay.

Ever played Minecraft? It's such a good way to waste hours of your time. If I was still 16 and doing nothing everyday I'd definitely be playing it almost as much as a 16 year old plays with themself. Speaking of wasting time I've successfully not done anything pretty much over the last 3 days.. Got drunk with my cousins and mate, went into college to do very little, played some poker with mates, dossed on the piano and sat through 4 hours of a speech giving competition..... Oh and I've slept a lot.. Not that anybody really cares what I've been up to!

Did you know I very rarely get spam? Well it's true but I just got an email there offering to sell me viagra. Pffffff As IF. I know better than to buy my viagra from the internet. Although I do love it. It's great for you in small doses. If I could I'd consume it everyday. Even though it doesn't taste all that great it makes you feel great and it can really make you open up and be yourself without worrying about the consequences. The hangovers aren't fun though.....Oh I probably should have said I meant alcohol when I was saying "it" just there. I was only joking about buying viagra by the way. I'm 21 not 50, my junk works just fine thank you very much Mr Anonymous viagra seller. That's verbatim what I replied saying, he replied apologising and asking for pictures for proof and my bank details which I obviously sent on lest he think I was rockin' a dodgy balooga. God forbid......

I've been watching a solid 2 episodes of That 70s show every morning. It really is a splendid show. I'm nearly out of them... Might have to move onto some other show soon enough..

Had the strangest dream last night, it's really a blur at this stage but I was in a final fantasy game. I think I was one of the characters but I think I knew my life only existed when someone was playing as me. Dreams are funny like that. Speaking of final fantasy a very pretty girl I know mentioned that she loved the final fantasy games a while ago. Normally every nerd who has played final fantasy would say I'd ask that girl out in a second and then proceed not to should the situation ever arise. If I was the sort of person to ask someone out over facebook then maybe I would have, but as it happens I'm the sort of person to only ever ask someone out while I've got vast quantities of dutch courage in me. Speaking of dutch courage, I had never drank "Dutch Gold" til last night and it's actually grand. Dunno why people call it piss, it's absolutely no worse than Bavaria and it's certainly better than Amstel.

Okay I started writing this post a few days ago, you should have seeeen my dream last night. It was so fucking bizarre I'm not even going to start or I'll be here all day (which would be a nice alternative to studying but I really have to do some study).
This has been a most disjointed post for which I apologise.
I'm audi 5000

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Prangin' Out.

I've never done heroin or cocaine so this song doesn't really apply to me, I imagine they're great if they make you feel that shit.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Figuratively speaking I'm literally a fridget.

Needless to say I succeeded in failing to snare some babez. High standards (provided I'm not very drunk), a pretty unnattractive personality and the physical appearance of a strung-out 12 year old combined with low effort apparently isn't a recipe for scoring pretty girls.

Had to bring the baby sister home at half 2 because she was tired and drunk and just wanted to sleep. It would have been fairly bent on her friends to have to take her home and it made sense for me to split a taxi fare and be at least a little rested for suas the next day.
So many mouth ulcers at the moment. It's nasty. Generally run down.

It's one week until I'll be the exact same age as my sis was when she died, well, the day she fell which to me is the day she died.. It's funny how I still and probably always will think of her as being older than me even though it's only a week until I'm "older". It's weird to think it's been nearly 7 years. I'm so immature and socially rubbish in comparison to how Aileen was. People love saying how great people were after they died and forgetting their bad aspects, Aileen wasn't always a happy little bee but in general I think I live my life less alive than she did but I guess that's probably to be expected. Hopefully this summer will change that....

This is a little drawing I scribbled into my college journal thing (which I never use) while on the dart a while ago. Just came accross it there.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

T-ball and it all.

War of the Sexes

Sooooo "Suas" is wrecking the buzz for pre-drinks for trinity ball but I guess I'll have to just suck it up like a bosssh. Tiring weekend ahead.. Trinity ball 2mrw evening, Suas lectures from 6 until half 8 and I won't get home until like 6 probably, then I have to go to suas lecture things from 9am til 5.... blegh... I'll be super dead tired...
I'd better pull some sweet britches tomorrow night or else I'd might as well go join the priesthood.
Hopefully I don't do anything I regret this year. I seem to have embarassed myself quite nicely the last 2 years.. Great times.....

Sunday, 3 April 2011

The League Of Very Mildly Superpowered Engineers. #1

Because blogging is more enjoyable than jython and token rings I'm going to try a new angle for some posts.

Episode 1 - Part-trick & the benefit of beans.

Hi, I'm Part-trick of The League Of Very Mildly Superpowered Engineers. I founded the league when I realised that there were other people like me out there..... Other people, who weren't just people... People who were also Superpeople!
I have many fantastic powers but the reason I'm special is I have a Superpower. I'm a Computer Engineering student but my real talent apart from missing lectures is my ability of Superhuman farts. They will quite literally blow you away. For maximum power I drop trow before doing them. This is also sanitary as the fecal particles do not get caught in your jeans, instead they get spread all over the room. The secret to my superpower is to eat many many lentils and beans. Also being born with a gift is helpful too.
My most super regular power is I am a master of impersonation. I can impersonate anybody and I myself cannot be impersonated. I also have an apt ear for music and I can groove like no other hip dude. Let me tell you a little story about how my powers and superpowers are a curse and a blessing.

I was in a nightclub having a dance. Everybody was looking at me dance so that they could learn how to jive like a boss. Anyways, some girl started coming onto me but I have a girlfriend so I didn't want this girl. I went into the bathroom and told my friend the bathroom attendant about my problem. He told me that deep down inside my heart I knew what I must do. He was right, there was only one option. So I left the bathroom and walked onto the dance floor. I saw the girl kissing some boy at the side of the stage, clearly this was her plan to make me drop my guard but I'm too clever for her. Using my huge brain I devised a plan to save the day. I went up and asked the guy what the hell he was doing with my girlfriend. He looked surprised and she started saying how I wasn't her boyfriend. I then said, "come on now cindy you know you are. This chump better leave quick smart lest he want to feel the pain of my hundred-dagger-punch" (This was a clever bluff as I do not have a move called the hundred-dagger-punch). The boy then left so I had disarmed her secret weapon and she knew I was winning. She started shouting at me in an attempt to make me think she had no ulterior motives but yet again my wit proved too quick for her. While she was shouting I dropped trow and blew the motherload at her. 
The bouncer's came over quite quickly after that to congratulate me on my victory and to escort me outside as my work here was done.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

That '70s Show

So I'm watching That '70s show and it's the episode after Eric broke up with Dona. It's terribly daughter, and by daughter I of course mean depressing (the ad on tv was about to say daughter I think).
Eric gets an angel and it's showing him how shit life would be without Dona. I guess it's making me think how we always think of the future and how it's going to be good, but it could well be just as shit and filled with regrets as Eric's life without Dona. I have no Dona, I could well end up being this crap version of Eric (Well obviously not just like him since I've got friends or whatever.)
Next episode Red goes "<I was sad but time went on, I thought about her less blah blah> and then the day came where I didn't think about her anymore, and then that made me sad.", and Eric replies  "We've got a little Irish in us don't we dad" while they were having drinks. Sooo I'm a little confused as to what he meant by this, I can't find the saying on google.. Can someone tell me what he meant?

So far I haven't done any work this weekend but I did get a few bob fundraised which is great. Went to the moviez with the boyez, saw limitless it was whatevaaa. Dave sucks at driving. I got loadsa girls-on-the-side-of-the-road's numbers on the way home.
More Morcheeba.