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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Never had I ever considered it but..

What if I'm adopted? Would it change anything? I always just said, no it wouldn't. But I never thought I could be til I saw this picture of my dad when he was about my age.

The resemblance is fucking nil. He looks like an american highschool knucklehead jock. People always tell me my dad was the strongest man they knew etc. Good farm worker muscles on him. Does this look or sound like me? He also could grow his mustache the whole way, mine was like 2 parts (was because it is now gonezo, I'll get to that.).

People also say I resemble my mums side of the family. This is true I guess, but I don't resemble my mum, she was a model. You know the way "they" say guys end up marrying someone like their mum? Well there's fuck all chance I could get a girl who looks like my mum. I'm pretty sure that saying is about personality though. Anyway, I don't think I'm biased because I'm of her blood; my mum was really good looking.


And I didn't bother taking a picture of when it was gone, but it's all gone now.
With no facial hair at all I look about 16. If I didn't have so much grey hair I really would be passable for 16.

So after going to the barber, and being persuaded to shave by my little sis, mum arrived home and for whatever reason the old pictures came out, her and dad's wedding, her numerous siblings weddings and some other shit.
I knew my mum was a model, and I had seen some wedding pictures before, but I never really clocked that she actually was really good looking.
My mum had the looks, my dad had the muscles. What do I get? What did I possibly inherit from these parents? Can we pretend I have a killer sense of humour? Or I'm crazy smart? I'm not and I'm not. Definitely adopted...
I think, since mum was good looking things came her way easy, so she was lazy, so I'm lazy and never built the muscles and hard working attitude my dad had.... But my mum isn't particularly lazy really. Not nearly as bad as me.... It's one of life's great mysterys I guess.

Trinity ball 2moz. If I get no play I'm goin' gay. That's not true at all, it rhymed and I'm a sucker for things that rhyme (which reminds me, better find a video to link).

Mum and dad signing their papers at their wedding

Some random pic from her 20s that mum hates but is actually quite modelly or something.

Real bad quality take from my iPhone (yaw yaw). Think that's her nephew maybe?

So yeah. My day has been pretty bad for study as always. Played lots of drawSomething on the iPhone, put music on the iPhone and deleted mum's contacts&put mine on. I did a small amount of telecomms study... I didn't do any of the other subject I was supposed to do... The only thing I'm succeeding at is continually failing to meet my targets. Although I did do the exercise portion of my study timetable. That bit I can do.

Tomorrow will be worse. I probably won't do the only small bit of study I have scheduled.. 
I have to maybe go to a revision lecture if I get up in time, maybe pick up that present for my mates 21st, then go get my tickets for the ball, get drink, shower-change and then trek to pre-drinks.


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  1. Nice hair, more pictures of you mum though. please and thank you.