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Saturday, 14 December 2013

Abstract as balls

I put out my hands to grab it, but the light is in my eyes.

The sun is blinding me but I know it has to be there for me to live.
I can't even see what I'm reaching for; I just know that it is before me, and it is what I want.
I get a touch of it sometimes but I still can't quite tell what it is, just how it feels to come close to seizing it.
I recall a distant dreamy memory of it being in my hands when I was young.
I'm clutching fists of sand, all too aware that as soon as it is in my grasp, it is ebbing.

I have my arms up and my hands are open.
My eyes are open, I just need to wait for them to adjust.

I will have this happiness.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Life goes by so slowly.

It's half 1 on a Thursday.
I'm lying in my bed.
I've been awake for an hour, had a bowl of cereal and a glass of juice, which were consumed in bed while reading; I have no plans for the rest of my day.

I really need to just book my flights. I need to have things to do. It's considerably cheaper to leave on the 21st of December til before xmas, then it gets very expensive until the 31st. Realistically at this stage I think I've settled on waiting until after christmas, but by god it's getting boring having nothing to do. I've learnt a new piece on the piano.

I think I'll go for a walk. I'll finish this later.

Just went for a walk. It was pleasant.

Went bowling with the mates the other day actually. It's surprising amounts of fun, I hadn't been in years, and fortunately we were all pretty shit so it was a good old friendly competition.

This is really going nowhere, I thought I'd have more to say. Maybe we'll have a mad wkend and I'll have some scandal for yiz.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Wazza Wazza Wazzaappppp

Hey hunzos, long time no speakie.

So some shits happened and I've loads of spare time again so I figure I'll try get back into this blogging malarky.

First off myself and the girlfriend broke up. Technically she broke up with me but it was pretty mutual. We both weren't hugely into it anymore and since I'm going away we figure it's just not gonna work.

Secondly I'm living back in my parents place again. I've plans to do this season skiing business but I haven't booked flights over or anything yet. I haven't had any job offers until yesterday, it looks likely that I could maybe get a male Au-pair job if I want. The mum seems really nice and I'll admit I did a cheeky facebook stalk of her and she has pictures of the kids and they're really very cute. She emailed me some details and stuff last night and I haven't emailed back yet. I'm not sure if it's what I want y'know? Like I do like working with kids, but I'd be living in their house which is a 25 min drive from the skiing place and 2km from the nearby town, so since I'll have no car so that'd mean I'd either need to buy one or get taxis the whole time, either way is expensive. How would this work for nights out? I got the impression there's no bus but I'll have to ask I suppose. Anyway, my worry is if I took it I'd have no mates. It'd only be 5 hours 5 days a week, so I'd have quite a lot of free time so I suppose I could try get some other part-time work too.... So do I just go where I know my mate is and know I'll have fun anyway and someone to ski with but no job/accomodation set up, or do I go with the au-pair job where I know I'll have accomodation/food/ski-pass but maybe have to get a part-time job and possibly not have many friends but I'd learn more french?

Anybody have any thoughts for me on this?

I know you all really only ever came here for the tunes anyway so here's a song :p.