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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

and all these mommies look fly today,

God this is a great, great song. I feel great.

It's a work night but I think I might be real bold and head out?


answer my friggin' questions from the last blog.
Only like 1 person did, and I can see that a lot more people than that read the blog, which makes me slightly worried if everybody is choosing to not answer the question.

Am I that BAD?!

Life is long.

Fun fact:
When I write something funny on a computer, I repeat it to myself and do a little laugh.
A sorta exhale, singular laugh; you know the one?
I think it's my way of reassuring myself that it was funny.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Oh isn't it lovely this time of year.

Went for a walk around town at the weekend there, it's really nice just wandering around. It's funny how we do that when we go abroad, but doing it in Dublin just isn't really a done thing is it? Town is really nice this time of year, I was going somewhere on Saturday night and as I was walking to the Luas there were a lot of very merry people on the streets, not drunk, just merry, happy, it was nice to see.

So anyway, I'm gonna get around to a few of these formsprings that people posted to me, then I'm going to ask something else. Don't give up at the encrypted bit if you can't read it, because I'd like it answered!
I tell you what, I'll even buy a christmas present, something shit but fun, off the internet (probably from ebay) for whoever gives the best answer, most points going for honesty. I'm not spending more than 20euro on the item and postage combined just to let yiz know. If you win I'll let you know by posting on my blog what you said provided it's not too soul-crushing (if it is I'll just post the gist of it) and you can give me an address to have whatever delivered to.

Tune first though.

"whos's the coolest guy in a hospital?....... the ultra sound guy! Who's is it when he's on holidays?.... the hip replacement guy!! post it if ya dig."
yeah, I dig.

"ever try write anything more than a blog (or poem/song)?"
Not really, do you think I should? I tried writing a story when I was about 12 or so on the computer. I think I did maybe a chapter before I gave up. It was about a boy who went to sleep and woke up in another weird, magical world, and no it wasn't my intention to drop the classic "and then he woke up" line. I saw it on my computer as I was cleaning files a few years ago. It was really shit. I sometimes think of writing different blogs under aliases, never going to bother though, it's hard enough to keep just this one going.

"i would also enjoy some jokes"
You can thank whoever asked the first question.

"What ya gonna do with your life James?"
That's something I've been thinking about an awful lot lately. I really amn't sure.
(I gonna go off on a complete tangent here: That's funny actually, one of the lads pointed out the other day that apparently only Irish people really say amn't which I was surprised by. At the time I thought I barely ever even say that, since it was put to me as we say "I amn't sure", but I think I'd say "I'm not sure", but with the whatever it's called of "really", (adverb it turns out), I'd definitely say "I really amn't sure". Weird that though eh? Not really actually. Sorry I wasted your time.) Back to the question.

I always feel like I want to do everything and nothing.
Doing anything closes doors on other things, it's just life and it's tough. It's hard to imagine that I'll never be a doctor when for some reason I feel like I could imagine exactly what that would be like,


So. I was wondering this earlier. I have always thought that people perceive me in a particular way. You can probably guess exactly how I think people think of me, but that's beside the point (Feel free to try though!).
I want to know 3 things.
Well, actually I want to know loads of things, but I'll limit it to 3.

1. What was your first impression of me? Brutally honest, I've heard some bad ones before.
2. What do you think of me now?
3. Has your opinion of me changed since reading my blog?

Feel free to try answer them even if you don't know me in real life!

p.s: On a side note, I now have a secret project. My secret project is to find out Donal's secret project. So it's not really a secret, but it's to find a secret so I'm going to call it a secret project.
I'm not even sure if his secret project is more than sarcasm, but I'll find out!
First step in my project is to write an android keylogger so I can find out his passwords, I already told him I'm going to try find his password so I don't feel bad about this.
Gonna get cracking, just need music first.

I made an 8tracks playlist.


Saturday, 8 December 2012

Lets go on a journey.

Imagine instead of always having to physically travel we sometimes had to go on mental journeys to get to places. Kinda like how they do in movies.

Wouldn't that be exciting.

Sometimes I feel like maybe when we die we change world, reload buddy. That sorta job. Except the world is different. Like all universes are parallel, and when we die, we hop to another one. That would explain why sometimes I feel like I've lived things that I haven't or couldn't have. Another, far more reasonable explanation would be all the crazy movies, games and (the most likely) crazy  dreams I've had in my time. God I love those crazy movies, games and dreams.

Nothing beats a good dream really does it.

Here's a song and video that really take me halfway to another world.

Wack up the sound, stick on fullscreen and enjoy this bad boy.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Strange things my imagination might do.

Sad but happy.

A bit darker, definitely more headboppy.

This guy is class though, much liking the atmosphere.