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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Posting excessively

I made this purely because I want more people to play drawsomething with. If you have a relatively new android phone or an iPhone download DrawSomething Free and add me plz!
If anybody wants to play DrawSomething with me that isn't already, my username is JambonJudge.

I was walking in to college this morning in the wind and rain when this song came on my ipod. It perked me right up, didn't mind walking in the rain. You know when you stand tall in the rain instead of cowering and making futile attempt at staying a tiny bit drier. I had never heard it before, it's really cool.

This is another choon from Kanye. I never really appreciated him very much, I always just thought he's a bit of an idiot but he's not. He's ridiculously arrogant, but he's honest which is nice.

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  1. some of us can't draw. join words with friends instead!