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Friday, 18 March 2016

WhatsApping Lucy

Ya know James
Your blog is getting kind dull

I thought you'd basically read it all?

Your poor followers must be bored of reading the same January entry over and over

The Idea is usually to read each one only once

But when the blogger doesn't write frequently enough

I generally only blog when I've something on my mind, but I can just share that with you now :)

And you're thirsty for a slice of his unfiltered thoughts
Then you reread
Good point
You become the blogger's girlfriend
Juuust looking out for your fans

So friends, I hope that little snippet of chat gives you some insight into whats happening in my life at the moment.

I thought I'd just post that with a short thought on and link to this song which I recorded when I was home before christmas.
I sat down at the piano, as one is want to do when you're home for a weekend and get to use a piano for bleedin' once in a long while. And as I sat down at the piano, and lifted up the cover thingy that covers the keys, you know that wooden thing on a hinge. I think covers a fitting word for it? It's obviously not important, but if anybody knows a better word I'm all ears. So I lifted up the cover (keyguard?), and noticed a spider about 2 octaves up from middle C who  quickly scurried down into a gap between the keys. So I decided right then I'd try to record a little song about this spider. The idea was to try capture his life.

Here's the link, please listen to it a bit (no need to listen to it all straight away, or ever for that matter) then read on. It will just make the next bit a little funnier if you have an idea of the song.

So, I'm hoping you'll agree that the song is pretty positive, it was supposed to capture the neverending web weaving and working life of a spider until it slowly, quietly, and samely stalls to a halt.
I've recently come to realise.
Probably wasn't the case for this spider.

I don't know how I didn't think about it at the time, I just figured the little guy ran into the inside of the piano and safely made a new home in that big space.
But the other day, I was listening to the song again after having linked it to Lucy who praised it, and I realised... There's a very good chance that Mr Spider was very swiftly crushed underneath one of the keys isn't there?
I don't know exactly what's under the keys, but they're basically lovely little wooden sticks perfect for squishing a spider.
So now when I hear the song, I have to tell myself that the spider survived it.
That he wasn't crushed 5 seconds in, and spent the following 2 minutes being repeatedly smashed into a pulp underneath the ivory.

Definitely not.

No way.