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Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Exams are going on forever. I'm not even excited at the thought of them being over anymore. I'm just exhausted. It's not even that I'm studying that much or anything, I'm trying to study a lot but I get nothing done, end up doing stuff that's not study and it's just not resulting in exams going great. I'm just toooo tired to really care as much as I should.
On the other hand the new series "Game Of Thrones" which I'm watching is amazing. I'm not normally one to follow tv series really but this is worth it.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Hey, dyu come here often?

Well it's been a while and I apologize. I've been studying a fair bit, although recently I feel like I'm running out of juice, it's just been going on for far too long at this stage and I'm starting to stop caring...
So far I nailed one of them, had 2 go alright, 2 borderline fails but hopefully not, and 1 almost definite failure, but I hope he marks it easily and I get over 30%.... Is that too much to ask for? It sure doesn't sound like it.. Overall I'm looking at quite a poor grade for 3rd year college since I'm already carrying a 42% from my broad curriculum subject (psychology... I got joint lowest score in it, most people got 2.1s or firsts..)

This is how I study. Looking regal as fucking shit. Dressing gown and burger king paper crown fo sho. I feel like I'm maybe being a bit weird wearing it but I get some sort of kick out of it. I keep on having to remember to take it off when I answer the front door. In fact I think I forgot to take it off earlier when my mum's friend came to our house. Oh well. Also notice the face fuzz. Since I'm not going out these days I've taken the opportunity to grow some facial hair. I like that it makes me look like I'm maybe 19-20 which is great since I'm 21 and it's about time I don't look 16. I think I will shave it all off the day after I finish exams but it's funny, I don't want to shave it off anymore. I fully intended to at first but now I'm not so sure...

Around this time of year I always start learning a piano piece. First year it was the first 2 pages of As the world falls down from The Labyrinth, it gets really boring after halfway down the 3rd page. Last year it was those 2 Yann Tiersan pieces that most people who play the piano learn. This year it's this piece called Love is blue which I heard a year ago and got the sheets for it but never bothered to learn it. Anyways I only heard the actual piece today for the first time.
I would have to describe it as the cheesiest fucking piece of music I've ever heard. It's reminds me of commercial christmas music slash 70s tv show intro theme. Why learn it then? Well I came across it here first:
It's some Canadian kid and I thought it sounded nice and she has the sheets in the info section so it's pretty sound. Although she tot's simplifies the left hand (and probs other stuff) at one part which I've taken to tot's doing that too for now anyways cos it's too awkward for me at the moment. I make lotsa fuckups since I can't really take my eyes off the sheets yet. Hopefully I have it down before exams end otherwise I'll forget about it and never play it again.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Fountain Of Youth

Ages ago when I was listening to loads of hip-hop I wrote this big speel that I thought would be cool to make into a hiphop song with a moral which the hoods always do, some examples:
Anyways, since I don't have time to be blogging for the next while I'm just going to throw up what I wrote and you can just make up some sick beat for it to go to in your head with awesome samples, or just pretend it's a poem because that's all it really is for now.

This is the story about the fountain of youth,
The beauty of innocence,
and the horror of truth.

Picture the scene
and listen along,
and maybe you'll hear something
more than a song.

A beautiful maiden who'd never hurt a fly,
alone all her life and she didn't know why.
at 10 her parents were killed by an evil stranger,
But thanks to an angel she'd never be in danger,
and while she lived in this forest,
she'd never feel pain,
at least not the sort outside of her brain.
The levy of this blessing was her memory was taken,
until the day that the forest is forsaken.

A young man,
naiive, valiant and strong,
who left his village as something was wrong.
His father though sick, loved him despite being gone
at this time in his life when he didn't have long.
He travelled for weeks to a forest far from his town,
Where although it was winter,
the trees never browned.
See he had heard stories from some crazy old man,
of a cure to aging that he could store in a can.
So after all of these miles all he could do,
was approach this girl and ask if it's true.

She'd never seen a man,
or a person at all,
at least not so far as she could recall.
In this mans face some resemblance was beared,
but to what she didn't know,
she just felt scared.
He made strange noises out of his mouth,
unlike the animals he didn't just shout.
He seemed to be asking something of her,
but what he wanted she could not be sure.
He stayed some time and love started to grow,
and there was so much about him she wanted to know.

He liked the girl,
her heart was pure,
and she had an aura that made him feel sure.
But there was no time for love,
he had something to do,
and what he had discovered was the mad man spoke true
The fountain near her house had water so pure
it seemed to be the ultimate cure.
She still didn't understand him and since he didn't have time,
he decided to commit what seemed a small crime.
He stole from the fountain and left at sunrise
unaware of her deep blue watchful eyes.

She followed him further than she'd ever gone before,
well out of the forest and many miles more.
Eventually he noticed her following him,
and realised what he'd done was hollow and dim.
He apologised and, as she was kind,
she forgave him and asked what was on his mind.
Alarmed she could talk,
but happy all the same,
she went back with the man,
to from where he had came.

The young man was so happy,
to have returned to his home
carrying the cure to any sickness,
he went to give his father some.
But then the girl saw the father,
and the father saw the daughter
of a couple he had once been hired to slaughter.

It all came back to her in one horrible fright,
days she had never remembered, and the most dreaded night,
see in front of her now,
lying in his death-bed,
was the man who had caused her parents to be dead.
Unaware, the son gave his father the cure he had brought,
but the water was just water,
as the murderer had been caught,
see the forest was now forsaken,
the maiden never to return,
as the place was marked with murder,
what there was there to earn?

Looking into her eyes the father started to cry,
and explained he had to do it or his family would die,
see he had been run into debt,
and made some dodgy ties,
he was loaned a lot of money on promises based on lies.
The son was so disappointed at what his father had said,
that he hit his father hard and inside his head he bled,
The maiden was so shocked,
at the horror of mankind,
that she let out a shrill cry,
and that was the day the earth began to die.

See this is the world that we are forced to live in,
murder, torture and exploitation,
it's a big pool of sin.
If you wanna be innocent then you've got to be ignorant,
cos around every corner there is something to disgust you,
and if you do nothing about it, then you're guilty too.
If you do nothing about it, then you are guilty too.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

15 views yesterday, WOWWW

I got 15 page views yesterday.
I think it's time to Monetise this mutha-fucka.

Unfortunately I can't embed this (sorry sarah-moron) as it's not a link to a youtube video.
This video combines many of my interests.
I listened to a lot of placebo back around 5th-6th year and I also had to study french, and I was 17 or so, so you probably wouldn't be too far off if you guessed that I really really liked that link back then.
I'm not really going to Monetise this as I would make 12 cent a year or something I assume.

Here are 2 pictures from our 6th year Crete holiday that I came across recently.
I like this one as it is Shane. He is clearly very drunk and oh so happy to have gotten a bottle of water with ice in it.

I like this one as it is typical Colm. He didn't make his bed the night before, nor did he even fully make it onto his bed.

Here is a link to a very cexy persons facebook: