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Monday, 28 November 2011

Life, Job & the guy who'd rob.

So I took a little shhneaky break from doccin' me life there. Felt the river of laughs that once was my blog was running dry.
Mystery tour was fun. Paddy was friggin' real drunk which was nice since I haven't seen him pisshed in ages. Gav was a state too so I believe. I kissed some wench. Actually fuck this. I said before way back when that I don't want my blog to be just a log of the everyday events in my life. I'ma just talk crap more often. I prefer that.

So, I was thinking this today, I presume most people would agree, lets find out.
So many fucking sci-fi/fantasy/superhero crap have bits where it's like: "Did you ever think you were destined for something more in life?" or some generic crap like that. The reason they put it in is so you go like, "yeah man, I feel that way too. That could be me....". And boom, you're hooked and gonna watch the rest of this mediocre piece of crap.
I think it's a depressing thought that everybody thinks; "Is there actually nothing more to life?". Or maybe I just have a depressed outlook to life. I kinda hold out on the hope that having kids will be a great feeling.
Life is rather pointless and since we have so much free time it's very easy for us to think this. I wonder before life was safe and easy did people ever think this? Maybe life was more meaningful when being successful only required you to continue living.
I also think people think they're better looking than they are. I think most people would deny this to the ground if asked, I would. But it gives you confidence if you tell yourself you're more attractive than you actually are.
Girls have a thing for oranges. This one's simple, I can't think of any other reason why perfectly good looking girls would choose to dye their skin this colour.

So it's becoming that time in life. The time when you have to start worrying about a job. Where do I want to be in 3 years time? Money vs Likelihood for happiness? What exact field of computer engineering do I want?
It's stress and I don't want this in my life. I want to live with my friends, work on some projects that I enjoy during the day, get pissed at weekends and enjoy life in general. The problem is I don't know where any of my friends will be working, and I doubt any job will ever be just 9-5 everyday. There's just some people who I don't want to move abroad and they probably will, and I don't want to move abroad because then I'll miss everybody. I guess I have to move on and grow the fuck up.

The Guy Who'd Rob
So I had a real weird dart trip home today. At Kilbarrack of course some lad hopped on the dart, I had my earphones but I could hear him talking to someone in the seats opposite me, and then he sat down opposite me. He looked either a bit drunk, on something or else just genuinely really really tired. I'd have guessed a bit drunk and stoned but his eyes weren't red and he wasn't THAT sleepy. He was sleepy though. Anyhu, he asked me where I was going so I took my earphones out and started talking to him.
Turned out he was a pretty alright lad, chatty and whatever. He grew up in Howth but lives in Blanchardstown now. 
So to the point.
He was telling me on the dart what to do if someone is ever starting shit with me, you act like you want to whisper something to them, then as they get close you knee them in the balls, then loaf them in the head, then fucking uppercut them for the lights out shot. Apparently his old man was a man for doing it and taught him it. Said he'd used it 6 or 7 times. He also was telling me how to do a sleeper hold, and was remarking how careful you have to be to release the person as soon as they go unconscious or else you'll kill them. He was saying you flex your bicep to cut off the artery/vein in the neck, so I was thinking, right there's a move I can't do so. No friggin' biceps. 
When we got to Howth he put on his hat and was saying how hats are great because they hide his scars. So that lead on to him saying how he had been in jail for some time (for a joyride; getting chased by cops around Howth, 2 and a half years), in jail some lad "stabbed his brother to bits", so he stabbed the guy back, and then the guy stabbed him in the neck some time later and he needed 18 stitches or so. It was a pretty big scar. Apparently it's an ongoing fued thing. 
He was saying he's going to jail again in february, that's when his next trial is. He said he wasn't proud of what he did but he'd tell me anyways, he said to watch out for it in the papers feb 19th. My memory is so bad I can't remember his name but I do roughly recall what he did. Him and a mate robbed a cops gaf, stole a stun-gun, some 9mm bullets and a coppers uniform. Then one of his mates and him went out with a flashlight and went pulling cars over. Doing the whole copper bit, and I kinda missed a few details here and I'm not really sure what happened, but I think they were knicking the shit from the ppls cars while they had them standing up against the cop cars. They floored it once they were done and happened into a police checkpoint thing so they were fucked. His mate got out of the car and pegged it away, lucky for him, but this guy wasn't so lucky so he's gonna be getting jail time.
All in all, a pretty interesting dart-trip home.

Here's a picture I drew while really bored in a lab. I think it's cooool.

I was going to try write a lil rhyme or something but now it's quite late and I couldn't be assed. This is cutting into my 8 hrs sleep. Nite.

Token song.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Truman Show - Is there something wrong with me?

I don't know if this is something other people sometimes think, but it's something that I thought about a fair bit when I was quite a lot younger.
What if there is something wrong with me? Do people sometimes have mental disabilities and they just don't realise it, could I be one and nobody has ever told me? It's something I used to think whenever I was feeling a bit awkward, or if someone was nice to me for no reason. "Is it because I'm not a normal person?" is basically what would run through my head, and then you think about it and figure you probably are perfectly normal, but surely it's possible that you just don't realise your mental disability? It's kinda like the Truman show a bit I think; it's something you never really thought about, but once you do, it's something you can get paranoid about.

I really like this song, I don't really like the guy in the clash's accent but it's a good song and I love the aussie accent so this is fantastic for me.

Just deleted the songs on my phone and stuck on a different set. Happy out, almost looking forward to the dart into college tomorrow.
I'm quite tired, peace out world.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Musical moods.

So I've noticed that my choice in music kind of goes in circles. I always come back to the same bands for brief periods of time whilst listening to random new stuff. Since everything in life goes in circles I thought it'd be a nice idea to make a circular graph. I don't think I've ever actually seen one before but surely someone must have made something like this before?
Time being the x-axis, and the x-axis being circular means it is recurring, never-ending (you'll see how this is extremely useful, a novel idea really). So it's perfect for depicting things that have no set timeframe but follow a pattern. Such as a repeating waveform, although for that it is a bit more awkward to view. You have to use your head for the Y axis but it's the space between the 2 x-axis lines. I had a load of things I was thinking of putting on the graph but I didn't want it to look untidy.

Edit: Upbeatness is MY general level of upbeatness, not the music, although it's basically the same thing.

Here's a song. Guess where I am! (actually I think I may have done this graph in the wrong order since I've just come from an elliott smith phase!

I just made this post on the 4th year engineering facebook page. You guys can have a go at it too if you like!
I actually haven't worked out the number to my own riddle yet.

I said:
You have an infinite number of very strong pink elephants capable of carrying infinite weights and walking at maximum speed of 1m/s, you have an elephant named Tom. Tom wants to break the maximum speed ever travelled by an elephant. That being 4 m/s travelled by Tom's great grandfather Terry, when Terry fell down a hill. So Tom wants to move at 5m/s. Tom comes up with an idea to beat this speed by simply walking! But he can't work out how many of his elephant friends he'll need to get to help him. Can you work out how Tom plans to do this and how many elephants he'll need? 
Protip: Re-watch dumbo (particularly this bit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=944cPciN-kw)

It's well past bedtime. Goodnight world.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Sellin' smokes to dodgy blokes.

To be honest this title is completely false, I only made it because it rhymes.
It should really be "Selling dodgy smokes to blokes.". I'm finally getting around to offloading some of these many many cigarettes I brought back from Kenya. They cost me a 5r for 200, trying to sell them for 30euro monies for 200. Going to do sell 200 to one of my mates now for 20 quid though but shhhh, people aren't supposed to know that. The company who manufactured them doesn't even have a website. Stone-age smokes, apparently they have a pretty high level of tar.

That documentary on people falling in love with objects was really weird. Very sad stuff. At times I was undecided as to whether or not it was these people doing an old hoax, at other times I just figured they were fed loads of LSD or something as children, but in general I think it probably is a real problem that some people have and I feel bad for them.
Although this is just hilarious. The amusement ride she's looking at in the video is an object she loves. It's a picture of it that she takes down and looks at afterwards I think.

It turns out that chick is nae interested by the way. I was pretty surprised how little it bothered me. I'm not just saying that in a childish way to be all protect my own feelings-y, honest. I guess it's because it wasn't a long time "crush" or anything. Obviously I'm a bit disappointed but I think it was a bit of a step forward for myself to actually put myself out there without copious amounts of alcohol in my system.
One of my friends who's very pretty told me before that she gets asked out a lot by guys, often her mates, and that she thinks it makes them get on better regardless of whether she actually likes the kid back. At the time I actually just kinda thought she liked the compliment of guys saying they like her but now I actually think I get what she meant. It gets awkwardness out of the way rather than the opposite. I think I might do it more often than every few years. The worst bit is that I decided to include this story in my DOCS, the best bit is I can continue moping about cold streaks and being alone.

Here's some Morcheeba that I've been listening to while attempting to do work for my final year project.

Morcheeba is so boss. I love when you take a break from an artist for just long enough to really appreciate them when you hear them again.

Had a funny moment there a second ago. (Here's the recommended reading for non cd engineers: the door into one of the computer rooms in college is often pulled open by people since it's easy to pull open and trek of taking your card out, so unfortunately the actual door handle broke today and is now gonezo.)
I don't know where my student card is at the moment so as I headed to the computer rooms I counted me blessings to see some lad there swiping his card in the machine. After the swipe machine was happy with his card and did it's little green LED flash of light he had to put his hands awkwardly in cracks in the door to open it and he held it open for me. So while he was doing this I was thinking, frig, I'm really going to have to find my student card or else I won't be able to get in here at all anymore, so I said "It's gonna be harder to just pull this door open now.", to which dude replies "yeah, it's from all those feckin' eejits pulling the door open all the time, it only takes 5 seconds to swipe your card.". I mutter some sort of agreement, or I think I did at least and then we both walked into the room and went our separate ways. I wonder how long it took him to realize that he had just pretty much called me an eejit, or if he even realized at all.

I've loadsa college work to do, peace out kids.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Something I haven't done in ages.

So I just asked a girl out, I think she might like me. I hope so.
I'm a relationship pussy so this was nerve wrecking. I haven't sent a text like that in honestly nearly 2 years. Fuck, actually longer. After I had spent a while longer than I should ever spend composing a short text I was happy that the text didn't seem too bent so I pressed the old send button and 3, being the great network that they are, decide they actually don't have reception for me any more and won't let me send anything.
Like I was pretty nervous watching the sending words pop up and then when it says message sending failed it felt like failing a test because I'd have to send it again. Luckily 3 do have webtext so I used that but now I'm pretty sure I won't get a reply til the morning, partly because she's probably asleep by now and partly because I have no reception to receive a text anyway.
I hope I manage to sleep :/.

Going to watch this documentary now about "objectum sexuality" that someone recommended to me.
It's about people who find objects sexy, as you may have guessed from the name.
I'll let ye know.

Heard this song today,

used to be so mad for Amy Lee. She always makes me think of Aileen; Evanescence were kinda coming up around the time Aileen died and she introduced me to them, and being a 13/14 year old at the time I loved them to bits.

Also last night I couldn't get to sleep so I youtubed "sleep" and found this amazing song with great images. Watching it made me wish I still believed in god, I even found myself starting to think I should at least pretend I believe in a god. If I pretended I'd probably get some of that happiness that those overzealous people seem so jacked up on the whole time.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

For lack of a better name (is a deadmau5 album).

I haven't written one of these in a bit and I feel no more motivated to write one now than any time in the past week. Sometimes I feel I only write these things to force people to listen to music I like, or at least to feel like I'm forcing people to. Maybe people only come here in search of laughs.
Anyways fuck it, what's been up (man, hows your daughter?). <- (i imagine that was just for fi and paddy, if either still read this thing).

You can stick this on while you read. It's very cool.

So, I was at the poshest birthday party I've ever been to on Friday night last week. It was me old budday Helen's birthday, they had bouncer dudes at the door, women going around filling up drinks (free drinks that is) and some of the most yummy posho foods I've ever had. I felt bad that I hadn't shaved; I have been using the whole movember thing as an excuse not to shave, I like having the facial hair now.
As you come in the door one of those chicks is there offering you glasses of champagne, red or white. So not wanting to look a fool I decided before she opened her mouth I'd say champagne; I was quite in the mood for some champagne, but then, problem. The lady goes, "Would you like some of Le bligabloopagoopadoo, red, or white?". I want champagne but I haven't a friggin' breeze how to pronounce it, and I don't want to look mad uncultured so I saved the day though by doing a quick change of drink and saying White. Man I'd have loved some of Le bligabloop though.
Conclusion on the party: Helen has a lot of hot friends.
The best bit of the party came 2 days later when Helen finally saw my card. I had actually been worried it may have fallen to the bottom of the wine bag and been thrown out. I got a text from her saying "Just saw your card, its great thanks! My mother also read it and thinks you're very sweet and I'm a slut". What a perfect card I appear to have made. I thought it was kinda funny but it outdid my expectations. I couldn't be bothered to go into details about it.

I slept on 2 big cushions on the ground next to Dent Nevs, he was an awful state that night like a good lad.
The next day I had to drive from there to Donegal for Collettes 21st. I was in my suit still and didn't feel like it would be appropriate to change out of my suit trousers on the road outside their house since it was so mad posh there. Instead I changed in town at Merrion Square between 2 cars, it was a good call even if it was far busier. I'm getting side tracked here. Emo, bonesy and jay were there ready to go but fionan, the mess, had drank a lot the night before at helens so he was still asleep when I rang him to ask where he was. To be fair he got into us in no time. The drive up was pretty safe despite a wrong turn or two.
The cabins were class. When we got up Collzer's brothers had beers nice and cold ready for us. Sound.
We went to the pub, usual drunken craic, some very enthusiastic dancing from certain people. We played the "mine" game, hadn't played that in ages. Nailed 3 ppl with it in a 10 minute space or so. Was pretty drunk at this stage actually. Had the song Kings Crossing by Elliott smith
pretty stuck in my head at that stage, fionan and myself made plans to get bikkied and listen to it in the car. Eh, back at the house what happened... Usually crack, ended up out in the car eventually with Finge and Harriet shhhmokin' an aul J or 2 listening to music but not Elliott. Then Harriet's drunk mate came out too.. He said something real funny, what was it. Oh yeah, he asked Fionan "is this Amnesia Haze?", and obviously Fionan didn't know so the guy was like, "Yeahhh I think it is. Man that's goood shit. Yehhh good shit", then the funny bit happened. He started making up lyrics to the song that was playing. He was like "Yeahhh we smokin', yeahh , we smokin' and we high, we smokin' and we high, we smokin' and we fly, yehhh, we smokin'" or some nonsense like that. It was pretty cringe but pretty funny too. He then got a bit insistent that Fionan should roll another one. Fionan didn't mind though so it was all good.
Eventually come half 6 or so I decided I'd go to bed. People were still up playing guitar and singing along but since I had to drive home the next morning and had all that project management bullshit stuff still to do I thought sleep was a sensible option.
I was so fucking wrecked driving back the next day. It's a long old drive to Donegal, I had the window cracked most of the way since I was so drowsy. Was sipping my energy drink too. If I was alone in the car I might have crashed, just the thought of killing a car full of my mates was enough to keep me awake. I noticed a funny relationship, the faster you drive the more awake you become. So if you're really tired and you start driving too fast you get a little adrenaline rush which wakes you up. So maybe speeding sometimes IS the safer option? I got us home alive in the end anyway and got my management thing submitted on time.
I felt awful for the next 2 days though after how exhausting that weekend was.

I'm learning these 2 on piano at the moment, only while I'm taking breaks from trying to (so far failing miserably) do my college work.
This one's real easy, although I should make it clear I can't sing along to anything.
Actually I amn't learning miss misery yet but I'm going to print it out and learn it.

This one's harder, still very doable.

I'm going out tonight I do believe. It's my friend Oluchi's birthday, the lads are going out too. I haven't heard back from the suas people if they're heading to Oluchi's or not. I'm not gonna head on my tod like. I'll head into town with the buahchailli and play it by ear I think..

I was reading some blogs actually while procrastinating. I made a facebook comment that my mate bones looked like a junky in a picture so I googled heroin junkies to compare but came across a heroin addicts blog. It was really interesting. This one in particular was good. http://blacktable.com/lang041104.htm. This one was aiit too  . http://memoiresofaheroinhead.blogspot.com/2009/04/heroin-addicts-vs-junkies-request.html
My friend Christine, who also keeps a blog (http://themisadventuresofchristine.blogspot.com/), a very good one at that, linked me to some girl from Cork's blog, she doesn't know her. The girl is like anorexic/bulemic but it's interesting/a bit shocking reading her blog and the way her life revolves around body image and what other people think of her makes such a huge impact on her. I feel kinda sorry for her, she seems sweet. Her blog is here: thefighttobethin.blogspot.com 

My laptops about to run out of battery and I better go do a tiny bit of work (yeah right) before I head into town to meet the lads for drinks. Probably should shower or something too...

Drew this the other night to go with a label from my last post.

Nothing else matters

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

No relationship was started on a wet dream.

On a big Urthboy binge at the moment. I'll just throw a few links at the end.
Went on the surf trip last weekend. It was really good fun. I went with Donal and Gav. Donal drove us down, nearly killing us all a few times but we arrived unscathed somehow. Turned out we were to house with some 3rd year engineers who knew a good few people in our year through VDP soc. Staples and I shared a room, Donal was supposed to share the fold out doublebed couch with one of the 3rd years.
Anyways we played some drinking games, usual crack the first night. We stayed around the houses for the night. The 3rd year engo lads decided it was a good idea for us to lock the house so it wouldn't get thrashed. It was a good idea. But maybe not for Donal.
We're pretty drunk and disperse amongst the house parties etc. At some stage drunk Donal decides to go home but alas the house is locked. So he hops into his car. We don't know where Donal's gone and the house is still locked so we assume he must have cashed in.
We head back to the house as the night comes to an end. Shiner(3rd year engo housemate) realizes he needs a blanket so he tries to steal mine and Gav's. Gav and him wrestle over the blanket a bit; I'm too wrecked to really care. Somehow it ends up with myself lying on the right of the bed, Shiner in the middle with the blanket and Gav beside him trying to pull it off him. Suddenly I get a smack in the face as Shiner gets the fuck out of the bed as quick as he can.

Turns out Gav decided he'd get shiner out of the bed pretty quick if he whipped his kacks off.
I guess it worked in that way, but then it just ended up with us on one side of the bed and gav holding his bits in his hands on the other. Onesies went on a sleep ensued.
Donal wakes up a few hours later and there's sick all over the inside of his car so he comes inside. The smell in the morning was ransid.
We watched home and away for a solid amount of time in the morning, it's actually really good.

2nd night we played the mushroom game, I tipped the cards. Then we played a really good game of kings. For 2 we had to go get stuff. Different suits meant different things. A johnny, a bra, a toaster and the most random item were the categories. I got my first and only score of the weekend off a girl from the house where I got the bra. I don't think it was hers, at least she said it wasn't but I was meant to give it back to her to give back to the chick in her house. I used my classic creeping line which you should know from a previous blog post. Drinking game recommenced and chicks fecked off. No real stories from that night, I went to bed kinda early since I was real drunkk.

The last night was real good fun. We got up to some shenanigans, some people were putting eggs in microwaves in houses which were left open. I've no idea who. It was hilarious because it made the houses stink, so you could walk around being like Peeee-u smells like egg in here. What is that? And some people were nicking all the toilet paper from all the houses so people would be in trouble come shit-time in the morning.... Again, NO idea who. Most notably Donal got in a fight with some UCD lads. I didn't actually see it but his nose, forehead and lip were a bit swollen in the morning. To be fair apparently he landed one or 2 on the lad too before his mates jumped in. Donal doesn't know how it started but he thinks he said something about yer man's outfit.
This weekend is Helen's 21st on Friday and Collettes on Saturday up in Donegal. Think I might drive to both. Not drink at Helen's maybe. Helen is one of those people who I always get really messy drunk around. I think it's safest to not drink and just drive.

I have so much college work to do over tonight and tomorrow. A huge individual report and we have to finish our group report for management. (I had started writing my individual report but then heard that lyric which is the title and decided I wanted to make a blog post with that as the title).
Have to do some database online course thing I'm not really sure what it even is for Monday. Need to look into writing this C# program for meeting my supervisor next week. And other crap which is less immediate...

Song title lyrics are part of this song.
This song is really really awesome. Way less rap based hiphop.
This song is just straight up ace.
Long time favourite.
Listening to this a fair bit lately too.

And one more for good measure.