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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Sometimes I used to get pretty depressed.

I even tried to overdose once, sure it was on multi-vitamins, but the sentiment was there.

That's not actually true. I thought it was an amusing thought the other day as I popped some multi-vits, I reckon someone has said that before.

My back is sore and I'm tired so this will be short.

This is good.
The second guy is really funny.

I made an 8tracks account since I use it everyday in work.
I'm Heuuuth, haven't uploaded any playlists yet though.

We finally got wireless bband in our house, wahey.
Housewarming this saturday, hopefully I won't be sick or some bullshit for it.
Work is actually so cold, I think thats why my back is sore. There must be a draft or something where I sit because I think I'm usually colder than everybody else....

Formspring stuffs.

"how is skinny wrists a bad quality? what's wrong with skinny wrists? would you rather have horrible chubby ones?"
Skinny wrists are bad because my wrists are TOO skinny.
They're too weak and not masculine.

"that list could have been written by me. very similar but im probably a bit more extreme on the negatives"
Hello friend.

"you're good at making people happy, somebody else once described you as "a saint" which is cute"
I think I love you. This made me happy. I'm definitely no saint though.

"i'm bored, post some jokes"
I used to know jokes, but not anymore. I only know really long jokes that aren't that funny and that's what makes them funny. Ya dig? And I'm not typing them out. Far too long.
Here's a short one. Why did the Mexican drive over his wife? Tequila!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

I have no redeeming qualities.

I'm a dickhead,
I'm lazy,
I'm awkward socially,
I don't like new people when I first meet them,
I'm pessimistic,
Depressed too often,
I have a terrible memory,
I'm going grey,
I have skinny wrists,
I've never had a relationship,
I have feminine eyebrows,
I get red-eye in every photo,
I don't put myself out there often enough,
I look like a junky,
I have a posh voice,
I play too many video games,
I'm ugly,
I have bad rhythm,
Nobody loves me,
I dance like a twat,
I suck at singing,
I get sleepy too often,
Too self conscious,
Too self absorbed,
I regret too much,
I feel lost, always,
I read into everything too much,
I'm completely paranoid,
I have no idea what I want,
I feel like I haven't lived,
I'm terrified that i never will feel like I have lived,

I'm also totally skitz.

I'm funny,
I'm not bad looking,
I have no long term illnesses or health problems,
I'm quick witted,
I'm coordinated,
I have good balance,
People usually seem to like me,
I'm fairly well educated,
I'm pretty nice,
I'm not one of those loud people,
I'm modest,
I'm pretty patient,
I'm the most class person in the world,
I have good friends,
I'm good at most things I try,
I'm easy going,
I'm fun,

It's funny how I've never done something like that before, well, before I took that down in my phone; I guess writing that there was the second time. I was sitting on the dart and I decided to just list everything I don't like about myself or am insecure about. Then when I wrote I'm totally skitz I decided that would be an appropriate time to start listing things I like about myself, and I feel a lot stronger about the good things than I do about the bad things.
The bad list is about twice as long, but that's okay because you can always think of things to improve, but things you're actually happy about are harder define.
When I was in Kenya we did this exercise where we all anonymously wrote down a few things about each person in the group, and then the person to your right read them all out for you when they were collected. It was really nice because you don't realise how appreciated you are until you hear it, and as Irish people we're exceptionally good at not letting people know when they're appreciated. My favourite one was someone wrote that if they had to be stuck in an elevator with anybody, it would be me. I think my face lit up when I read that. I don't know who wrote it, but it's exactly the kind of person I want to be.

In keeping with this post, the bads and the goods. Wanna formspring me something you dislike and something you like about me? Even if you're an anon follower and have never met me, how about you tell me something you dislike and something you like about this blog.

If you want me to tell you honestly what I like about you, message me in formspring and give me a password to encrypt the response for you with.

I'll leave you with this lovely song.

p.s I really enjoyed those messages people formspringed me, it's always fun to hear people think very similar thoughts to me sometimes!

Monday, 19 November 2012

Sometimes when you're tired

you have to think which is more important, going to sleep a little earlier, writing a blog post that you said you might write, or just talking shit and playing foosball.
Today I'm picking the sleep option thanks.
It's good to do whats natural sometimes.

Thanks for the messages so far.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

This is just a title.

It's been a fun weekend.
Definitely a fun one.

I want to walk around town more, it was really nice just wandering a bit today, but then it started raining so I started heading home. My cousin brought me in a keyboard which I haven't tried using yet but it doesn't look that great but sure we'll see. (coming back to this blog a few hours later, it's okay. it's weird playing without a pedal).

Had bubble tea for the first time today, it was really nice actually and the guy who served me was really nice too which definitely makes you want to come back. The frozen yogurt shop guy was really nice too, and if you guess the weight right you get it for free which is fun.

I'll try blog tomorrow, no promises though. It'll be the one about I have no redeeming qualities.
Someone pointed out to me that the cary grant/chimney sweep stuff was about ideas as what to dress up as. 2 fantastic ideas, thanks and sorry I was too stupid to realise what you were talking about. I ended up not going to that party though since most the work crowd weren't and I didn't want to spend a night talking to 50 year olds I don't know. Hey if I had a girlfriend I could have been like, hey doll you're coming to this with me so I can network, and she'd be all like no but I spose I have to coz i'm all like your girlf and stuff. CUTE EH? Me and my gal would be so cute like that.

Anyway, someone said they can't see the pics in the last post. No idea why they won't work, not assed to re-do them. Just use your imagination.

I really enjoyed getting those 3 messages by the way. 
Nobody will probably do this but somebody please message me something in the anonymous box about something that you've been thinking about lately. Can be absolutely anything.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Remember when I had planned to blog twice a week? 
Hah, yeah..
How about that.

So. Someone, not actually sure who, in fact no idea who, but someone said to write about Libido.
In fact, they said:

What the hell is that chimney sweep bit about?
Also, no, I'm not going to write my blog like one of the desperate housewives (oops, completely thought Cary Grant was one of those sex and the city chicks or something, just as well I did a quick Google or I might have looked like an... Oh wait... Where's teh dlete butotn!?).

So yeah, it was actually going to be a positive post anyway, but thanks for making me feel like I'm just doing what I'm told. I bet it was a girl who wrote that. Chicks always be trying to make you do shit on their terms.

So anyway.


It's actually kinda hard to find the right picture for something like that.
Safesearch off and you basically can't get anything without a vag or a dick in it, and safesearch on you get wooly jumpers. Safesearch moderate and you get such a random mix of stuff.

I was thinking about this on my way to, or from work, can't really remember, but I just remember that I was walking at the time so it was nearly definitely one of those 2 times. What was I thinking you ask?
Well you're going to have to wait until I stop waffling. Which is soon.
I was thinking about how I was really uninterested in most girls for a while, it was actually slightly worrying. Maybe I was a lil depressed without realising it? Or maybe it was just from lack of being around girls that I would lust after, lust is a great work, it's like saying wanna bone but way less crass. But that wasn't the case so I dunno. Maybe it was the lack of being around NEW hot girls?
Although I'm hardly talking to lots of hot girls these days, but I will tell you what I'm doing lots. 
Walking past hot girls. It's crazy.
I'm not sure what it is, but on my walk to and from work I seem to walk by loads of hot girls. Especially in the mornings, but even more especially in the evenings.
I digress.
So yeah, I dunno what it is about baggot st, but in the evenings there's just so many really good looking girls walking around. Maybe it has something to do with having just finished a day of work? Or maybe it has to do with the candlelit effect from the dark night sky, yellowy street lights and brighter but less prominent lights coming from the houses and small shops on the sides of the road.
Or maybe the girls around there are just good looking girls and there's no "excuse" for it.

It's really nice to have this basic instinct back in my life.
It's nice to want things.
Until recently I wanted a meaningful, soulful relationship.
Now I find myself moreso just wanting a lustful relationship.


I'm trying to find an appropriate image of a beautiful woman to put as another picture but I'm getting too many so I'm going to just post a load.

And one with boobs because eh, well, because I can.

Hegre art have such beautiful models but it's really hard to get ones that aren't overly explicit..


Actually, thinking about it now, libido is another word like lust. It means basically the same thing as hornyness but it's totally okay for me to blog about libido; if I was writing about being a randy fiend this whole post would be no longer acceptable, but I've said libido so I've basically safeguarded myself... Although pointing out that fact probably just ruined any credit that saved me.

Who cares.

Who even reads this thing.

I bet there are some sneaky readers actually, I get too many views from Ireland for there not to be a few of my friends reading it who I'm not aware read it, or else my friends who do read it and I know read it re-check it quite a lot. Lynch already told me he rechecks it a fair bit.

Anyway, surprise me sometime and tell me you read my blog if I don't know :). I'd like to hear more opinions on what a boring blog I keep and how shit I am at updating it. Actually nobody has called it boring. Yet. Apart from me.

This is boring.

I'm boring.

Here's a song that I really like (I was going to link a lovage song to keep the sexual theme going but this song is too nice)

Choose for next blog:
  • I have no redeeming qualities.
  • Not everything in this magical world is what it seems.
  • Conversation with god.
p.s please message me things in the formspring box. It's really fun getting anonymouse emails, definitely brightens up my day when I'm at work.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

I think of so many things to write about these days

but my friends are posting too much (which is great) so I end up going as far as blogger.com and then reading their blogs and doing something else.

I dunno what to talk about now.
The titles I have saved in my phone are...

  • I have no redeeming qualities.
  • Not everything in this magical world is what it seems.
  • Conversation with god.
  • Libido.

Tell me which one to write about and I'll do whatever most/any people say.

I also have one called awkward lunch but I'm not going to bother talking about it because I didn't write anything under the title. the tl;dr of it is it was just one of those days where you're so terribly awkward and it's just no fun whatsoever.

Grad was really fun. It was kinda bad the way since everybody is there, you can't spend enough time with anybody, but it was still very good. 

Here's some real cool songs I've been listening to lately.

In fact, just lash on this playlist.
It's what I've been listening to most days in work.
So good.

Everybody keeps asking about a housewarming party and it'd be nice to have one, but the fact is the house is only so big, and it's quite narrow with limited seating so you really can't fit everybody in... Anybody wanna head out this weekend? I'd love to have a big party though.. It's also really hard to get a date that suits most people. This weekend probably would have been good but we just aren't assed I think since grad was last weekend. My bosses birthday is next weekend, it's his 50th. It's 20s and 30s themed and he specifically said "just don't be a bloody gangster, it's so unoriginal.", so any ideas for that would be great!?!