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Thursday, 29 December 2011

I dunno how he does it...

My dad always manages to break stuff while he fixes other things. At the moment the internet is only working on wireless, it won't work on our family pc. The reason? Because my sisters iPhone wouldn't update so my dad tried to fix it (not sure if he succeeded or not) and in the process somehow (I've no idea how) knocked out the internet.
So bizarre.

Life is rather boring at the moment. Doing nothing most days. I'm going to have to start college work soon out of boredom...

Got so baked the other night, my eyes were legit moving all over the place, I had so little control over them. At one stage I couldn't stop going slightly cross-eyed, I was making one eye look straight and the other go crosseyed. I can't do that now if I tried, but somehow I was doing it then! It was annoying though because my friend was freaking out thinking I would damage my eyes from straining them and I didn't even notice it being straining, in fact I was having a very hard time stopping myself from keeping on doing it.
I'd rather not get that baked again anytime soon, it was a little too much.

Gonna watch The IT Crowd now. PEACE

(No Video today kids, sorry)

Changed my mind, this clip is so fucking funny.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Hmmm, is the kettle warm?

Checking if the kettle is warm is the best way to figure out how long the family have been out; not a hint of warmth, they've been gone hours. Serious sleep in today, it was awesome.

I've been having some pretty badass dreams lately, I heard somewhere before that only boring people tell people about their dreams because they have nothing else to say and nobody can relate to it. I don't really agree since trippy dreams are awesome but some people obviously feel that way so I'll leave it out.

Just took out the old copy book diary of my youth, going to scan through it now and find something that isn't too embarrassing but also isn't too shit. I'm going to write them in exactly as they are, poor grammar and over-use of text-slang included. This is tricky, the ones that are embarassing are also the funny ones.
This is something I've been meaning to write about actually, I think it would have been funnier if I told it now but here's how I recorded it for myself.
A snippet from the 26th of September 2005. (for some reason I used to write down what radio station I was listening to. It was spin1038 this night). Any comments I add now will be inside square brackets (I doubt I even knew what square brackets were when I wrote this).

Went 2 Gaelteach Fancied 1 girl but met a diff 1 hu was hot enuf. And then met a diff 1 like 40 times! [As you can see this was a big deal to me. Now I'd conisder it 2 times as 39 of those times were actually in the one night. To be fair to the very uncool 15 year old me, we were scoring for ages.] It was deadly fun gaelteach! Andy was such fun! +Seamus. Darren had hilarious moments. Oisín was odd + sean. Eoin was sound. So was Peter lol! [Peter is my cousin so I guess the lol is as it was taken for granted he's sound, good joke James.]

..... irrelevant crap.......

I got my lvl 4a! [dunno why I put this in the middle of talking about the gaeltacht] Amy Wickham +Gillian instructed me. Can't remember Gills 2nd name. Jack Stanley instrcted 4 wk1. Sailed 29er + laser. No, not simultaniously! [I really hope I didn't think I was funny] Have over 20 rib hrs now.

Got Pissed on beach last nite on Gaeltch. Was fun. But, then I got wasted. 3 nagginsa brandys not 2 gud 4 ya! Especly when d baen an tí gave a tiny dinner that day! Then I didnt leave on d bus nxt day + dad + Peter Sr came up and brote us home nxt day. [Getting annoyed by my spelling yet?] E250 jdjr me and Pete. [I did a euro sign not E in my diary. Also Gaeltacht obviously paid off since I used the word idir there eh?] I wanted to pay for it all. Ptr sed he'd alrdy pd when I txd him.

We went 2 beach, then Me + Derv left pier up to dunes. Met loads came back Ais was on ground psd Ciara also was psd. then jess got psd. we walked girls home, then Me, darr + Pete got more drink and went bhind d diving place + cant remember then!

..... Irrelevant AND unrelated crap.......

Got grounded aftr Gael."

I might re-write that story in the future and throw in some more details since I remember quite a lot of the night, impressive given how much I drank. A lot more of the night than I described here. As you may have noticed from my abbreviations I was quite lazy while writing in my diary.
Actually I nearly definitely will write about that story again, it's a good story when told properly, I left out a lot.

I want to learn this on the piano. It's really awkward to read it from my laptop and play though and my printers not working at the moment so I may have to wait a while. I also want to replay Final Fantasy X.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Long time awake, very tired.

Here's my rainy day post. so tired.
world looking in-
I was thinking as a good analogy for vegetarianism,
If aliens came to our planet, would it be okay for them to round us up, stick
us in factories and start processing and eating us?
I googled it to see if it was discussed on the internet and I came across this.

Lots of meat-eating people completely missing the point of the question because
they fail to even notice the possibility that we're not the best thing
in the universe and the world doesn't revolve around them.

It's things like that which make me lose hope for the future of people.
We have too many idiots in our midst, we would doom ourselves by our
inability to interact properly with another race. There are people out
there who would rather doom the world than change. I know this is very
hypothetical, but imagine some aliens buzzed over here and saw our planet,
so they go, right you guys are fucked up. Stop slavery, stop eating animals
and stop killing each other. If you don't we're taking over here and getting
rid of you guys, because hospitable planets are few and far between.
Slavers wouldn't stop. Fat-asses wouldn't stop. And wars wouldn't stop.
As people we're real good at feeling entitled to things that we have no right
to. Everybody does it. I feel entitled to a job when I graduate despite not
having put any effort in to find one yet.

I think this is probably the case. It'd be nice if it wasn't but this would be my guess.
out of this list of options.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Keep the head down and keep looking up.

So the test went okay... He's doing the answers tomorrow at 11, I'm not sure where or if I even want to know the answers so I might just take a lie-in. I don't want to be wrecked trying to program all day tomorrow.. Think I got a decent amount of marks for my game, met the basic criteria and hopefully maybe 1 or 2 extras. Got the report to do on it for Sunday. Fun. I have an awful lot of distributed systems to do tomorrow, to demo it on thursday. It'll work out though. I'll be having a report on that for monday. Deadly buzz. Spent a while trying to do it earlier but basically ended up sponging off John, Simon, Iain and Donal. I hate being a sponge, it makes me feel like such a dickhead. Especially at times like that, I sorta half looked at it but didn't get it working, dicked about a bit then went and did the big sponge. Like I did some stuff myself so I could feel worse I guess.... It's shit when it's with people like that because it's basically always one way with those guys, I'm always behind them. Maybe I should just stop taking help off them but it's so convenient to. Left there at half 9 I think, came home and watched some movie about wanting to kill your boss with moo, it was actually pretty good. Jennifer Aniston was in it and she was a sex fiend/predator but she was so desirable. 

(This came up on my youtube homepage, I was about to look for the song I posted at the top. Quite the contrast but it's really nice so I figured I'd slip it up here).
I'm still saving that other post for the rainy day.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Choo Chooo. All Aboard the stressful train.

So this week is shit. I have a test tomorrow. I failed the first one so I really need to do well in this one. I also have 3 projects due this week. A graphics one on Tuesday which I've done a bit for so it should be okay, an entire distributed systems project due thursday which I haven't even started and could be completely fucked for, and a databases project which I've done but need to write the report on for friday, I also have to do a report on the graphics one for friday. It's a lot of work and I really can't wait until friday...

I posted twice last week but I wrote another post in between them that I decided I would save for a rainy day. That rainy day will surely be this week since I won't have time to write here for a while.

College is stress and I can't wait to be finished with it at this stage. I think I could be a lot happier in the working world. As much as I enjoy the social side to college I'm starting to think that maybe in education is not where I want to be. I often fantasise (if that's the word) about disappearing, just packing my shit up and going to the Alps or something and not telling anybody where I'm going. Starting completely fresh and completely on my own. Just leaving everything behind, college, friends, family. It'd probably be awful though. Ups and downs to everything. It's nice to think about though because it makes me realise that I can take my life any direction I want.

I was at a piano yoke today, the lady who taught me piano always has a piano recital every xmas for her students and she invited me so I went with my dad. I didn't go for the students bit, I just went for when this guy called Lance Coburn (who she gave a few lessons to years and years ago I think) was playing music by this aussie chap called carl vine.
It's not my fav thing in the world but it's good. Found it pretty weird how well the pieces went down with the people listening. Didn't expect this to be my dad's type of thing at all.

My dad is so much so one of those embarassing dad's. I spent a bit of time with him over the last few days and he doesn't embarrass me nearly as much any more but he still has no shame in saying what's on his mind, regardless of what it is or how it makes him look. I love and hate that.

Need to watch this freaks and geeks episode and go to sleep so I can get up to study.
It should be buffered enough by now!

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

It's cold.

I was waiting for the kettle to boil so I went in to look at the fire die for a minute.
So I was sitting there and I thought up the first 3 stanza's of a crappy poem, it's really really simple since I made it in like 20 minutes but I hope you like the creepy fantasy-ish-ness of it. (When I think of poetry I generally think of Poe, so I'm going to link a few poe things at the end). So I took my tea up to my bed and did the rest, only after taking a picture of the fire on my phone, really doesn't capture what it looked like but fuck it, it's a photo.

As I look at fire.

As I sit and look at fire,
I think of something rather dire,
of people living long ago,
slowly dying to freezing snow.

While they lie and await their fate,
they see a light that gives them faith,
but time is running much too late.
Shudder, no, all is just a lie.

When sight is gone to frozen eyes,
they think they hear an angel's crys,
but it was just the winds' goodbyes.
Shudder no, all is just a lie.

Their parents mourn their children lost,
their bravery had such a cost.
The cost their children lost to frost.
Shudder no, all is just a lie.

Their friends are sad they had to go,
but other friends they'll come to know,
soon they'll forget the pain deaths sow.
Shudder no, all is just a lie.

Though dead I do still linger near
where once I lived it's rather queer
as I see noone living here.
Shudder no, all is just a lie.

As I sit and look at fire,
I think of something rather dire.
All my life will pass me by.
Shudder, no, all is just a lie.

Here's some Poe poem's which I really liked for the JC:
I wrote a few lil crappy poems when I was in JC year that I might root out and stick up here at some stage.
Also might stick a diary entry or 2 from when I was that age in for the crack. Probably won't though since they're all so embarrassingly lame.

Monday, 5 December 2011

False hopes and broken promises.

Got absolutely fucking unbelievably shit-faced on Saturday night. It was Colm's dad's surprised 50th doo thing in Howth. I don't really know his dad at all so we pre-drank in mine til well after the surprise would have happened. We went there at about 11, then onto joes about 1 for a lol, then back to the summit at like 4 since Colm's brother knows some guy who runs it or something. Drank a ridiculous amount of jaegar bombs. Colm got sick on the bar of course and I'm not really sure what happened after but I think we sorta got told to fuck off.
I vaguely remember walking towards my house with Colm and Shane, I think we got about 5 minutes max towards it when I decided it was way too far; I figured it'd be a good idea to ring my cousin who lives near where we were and get him to let us kip in his. I'd like to mention it was friggin' freezing by the way. So we turned around and walked about 15 minutes away from my house, but we forgot to tell Colm we were turning around and he had walked on ahead so we lost him basically. This being at least a 2 hour walk from his house, and it was 6am so there were no cars or taxis anywhere. Shane and I walked to my cousins, I tried ringing him about 10 times before I realised that I had no credit for the call to go through. When we got there I decided we could just kip in his shed since we couldn't get through to him, so we hopped his wall and immediately their dogs started barking their heads off so we hopped right back over the wall and pegged it for a minute. Then we went a tiny bit down this steep little overgrown off-road path and I decided to ring my gaff for a lift since it was now 7am. My dad picked us up, vaguely remember getting home, I was so hammered.. Shane and I stuck a pizza on and fell asleep in my living room.
Ate the pizza hours later after we woke up when it felt safe to test my tummy, it was actually pretty deece. Tasted a lot like foccacia, which makes sense I guess. We were pretty worried about Colm actually since he was in a way when we left him and when we rang his phone it had been turned into the Summit bar. We figured he might have fallen asleep in someones garden or something, and since it was so cold I was kinda thinking he could get pneumonia. Turns out he got home somehow though so it was fine. Shane and I watched a fair bitta tv in a big hungover shhhhtate.

Frozen planet is so so class. It made me really want to go see the northern lights thing in person. Here's a real shit quality link.
That is something I'd love to see in person. A video could never do that justice since things can always be faked in videos and we're all used to seeing literally unreal things in videos.
People living in the Arctic really have it hard though. It's not a cosy place to live at all. It's harsh but you get amazingly fresh air and incredibly beautiful stars.
Also futurama was golden as always. Bender is my idol.

Lastly I've been watching this tv show called "Freaks and Geeks". It's set at the start of the 80s (I think) and it was made about 10 years ago! It's got a great cast though and it's very very enjoyable. 40 min episodes, so it's meaty everytime. It's handy too because it forces you not to watch more than 1 a day since Megavideo would stop you and you have to wait/plug out your modem. I highly recommend it though if you're looking for a tv show!