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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Couldn't give a shit about Amy Winehouse.

Not that I don't think it's sad for someone who cares about her that she died, just for nearly everybody in the world there's much sadder things in the news. I don't get why people who don't personally know her are upset that she died and they couldn't give a fuck or would rather not know about all the other horrible things going on and all the poor, nice, non-drug addicted people who are dying.

Started reading A clash of kings, which is the book to follow a game of thrones. It's good so far anyways.
No other news really.

My friendz need to do some blogs to inspire me to write some savage DOCS.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

This sedative is a derivative of morphine, it should make you feel amazing (Yuss!)... And these 2 should send you straight to sleep (Nooo waiit- zZ zZ..).

It's 5am an I'm lying in my hospital bed typing with one hand and listening to the yelling from the nearby mosque; I think it's a call to prayer or something. Typing with one hand truely is a trek, drips are lame.

So I got some sort of food poisining or something from the water at these waterfalls we went to last weekend. It was still a class day jumping from the little jump. Tried 2 front flips, one too much rotation and face/chest landed it, the second one was just too slow and sorta assed the landing. This is clearly the slow one.

It was gas walking across the top of the waterfall, we all had to hold hands as we walked across since it was very slippy in places and impossible to tell how deep it was most of the time. We looked so bent. Especially since the locals walked across on their own.

If I were a girl and I wore dresses, I'd definitely wear no underwear underneath. Just wearing a blue backless hospital gown thing and the freedom just feels unbelievable!

I didn't get sent home today which sucks a bit but I guess it is rather nice here even if it is really boring. I've been borrowing Lance Armstrongs heart it seems, my resting heart-rate has been down around 40-50bpm. I doubt any of the sedatives have anything to do with it... I had a camera go down into mah bellayy today, apparantly its all inflamed and shit. Presumably from all the getting sick I was doing while waiting to be seen in the hospital. It was gas though talking to the doctors there. They were great craic altogether, one was going on about his love for karaoke and was asking me basically for ways to download youtuube videos. He then went on to ask was Ireland in asia. lul. The other doc was asking me about guiness and why don't I drink it. Then he sprayed my mouth to numb it, I nearly inhaled the spray though (well I did a little) but it mainly just numbed my mouth and throat. Then came the blessed morphine-related injection that I never got to experience thanks to the next 2 injections of sleeping sauce. Next memory was waking up, very weird experience; I'd never been put under before.

So this leaves me now sitting in my hospital bed at 10pm, the others were let out earlier. I'm still in because of my stomach. Should be out tomorrow morning. I was waiting for the internet dongle which just arrived so I'll slap this bad boy online now. Peace.

Friday, 15 July 2011

No DOCS, too tired.

Still alive though so yeah....
Will post a deadly DOCS story next week at some stage.

Monday, 4 July 2011

I've never been so loved.

Tonight's Karaoke

(Sunday) As far as Chinese Karaoke goes, it's about 2 stars. It was even more awful 2 nights ago when I was feeling like crap and trying to get some rest but had to stay up for hours until it finished.
I have a throat infection and had a temperature but I think that might be gone (it's hard to tell when you're on panadol the whole time), must be something I picked up from the kids. Took the day off school on friday and went to the doctor. Took 3 hours between waiting, getting seen, more waiting, paying, blood sample and getting the drugz. Sucks being sick. Missed out on climbing ngong hills this weekend, most people opted out on that anyways though. I also missed out on carnivore restaurant, it's a very well reputed restaurant seemingly but it's all about getting weird meat in that place so my veggie bones weren't really that bothered. Apparently they all had really really weird dreams afterwards, not good weird though, more like nightmares.

Got some lovely notes from the kids which they had given to the others to give to me. I think they must have thought I was dying or something. One was some sort of song or poem or something from one of the girls saying how she loves me so much. I'll type it out as written.
m.r James
m.r James I love samch becoses yure good terche
oh m.r James I love samach
I love samch very mach somch. oh m.r James oh I say oh m.r James asay I love you very somach asay sory for you your sick
oh m.r James I love somch asay sory for bicases you are sick.
goodbay m.r James asay sory.
my name is Emma Class 3B. 
The weekend before this one we went to Lake Naivasha in the National Park for the weekend. It was chillaxed but I was feeling bollixed (it was then when I started feeling shit). In the National Park I saw a donkeys dick and a gazelle squatting to try shit. I also saw some other stuff such as this.

Them is stealthy baboons, baboons are actually kinda whatever over here, nearly pests.
and this

I started watching arrested development, it has it's moments. I also found entourage on one of the lad's portable harddrives and started watching that, it's way better than arrested development. Hope I feel up for school tomorrow morning, don't feel the most fit for school at the moment though... We'll see in the morning... (I won't be posting this til after school tomorrow so I presume I'll know if I've gone to school monday or not by then)

So I went to school today (monday). Felt like shit for most of the morning but pulled through and made it through the day. Some of the kids were telling me during P.E today that one of the boys in the class was crying because I wasn't there on friday, which I had heard from the volunteers but hadn't really believed that that had been the actual reason.

I don't know if I have ever linked this song so here goes: