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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Diary of a wimpy kid.

So I came across my old diary from when I was 14-15 with one entry from when I was 16.
It just so happened that the last entry which was about half a year after the prior one, the only one entry from when I was 16, had a sentence in it that said "Challenge E.O'Reilly on Tuesday.".  It's weird to see that. He was an old man who I challenged on the squash ladder in the club, he was very old but he still played squash at a decent level because he was very very good in his day. He was in his 70s probably, it's hard to remember since it was a long time ago and old just seemed old to me then.
Anyway, we were only a few minutes into the match when he had a heart attack and died. It was a very shocking experience. Everything I had learned from a first aid course I did that summer went out the window. I had no idea what I was supposed to do for someone having a heart attack. I found out afterwards that his doctor had warned him before to stop playing squash because it was such a health risk for a man of his age, especially since he was carrying belly.

It's actually kind of annoying how shit my writing was back then. Half the time I have no idea what I was trying to say because it's written in scrawl like: "i dno watever was b4 cos i came l8.". That's not an actual quote but a lot of it's like that. It's funny what a typical teenager I was presumably without realizing it. It's really fun reading a diary from so long ago though since I forget so much of it, like that time RYAN missed his schools talent show because I was playing a squash match and couldn't answer it.
It's also a little depressing reading my description of doing weights from when I was 16 and how I probably can't do such weights now. I played an awful lot of squash back then though, I had forgotten how much I played.

On a different topic, I've started back to college. It's very average and in fact I have very little more to say about it. It's nice seeing mates all over the place now but people have lectures at all different times since we have so much subject choice so breaks aren't amazing crack.

Kinda tired, need to get to sleep as I have a 9 lecture 2mrw..

Diary of a wimpy kid is a pretty deece movie even if it is just for kids. Or maybe just any movie is good when you watch it with O-dea-c-us. ;)

This song has been stuck in my head of late, it's ace.

Monday, 19 September 2011

I can't be sure but... I think I might be getting a little bit older....

So it's my last freshers week, I feel like I should do something but freshers week really is just a bit crap at the end of the day. 2nite is the one good event of the week, it's calvin harris doing a dj set in academy I think. Or something like that. The rest of the nights are the usual shite in the usual shite clubs.

I went go-karting on sunday. I was a complete 5th wheel it was dreadful. I went with my cousin Seamus, his Austrian girlfriend and my cousin Simon (Seamus's younger brother) with his Irish girlfriend (she might be slightly american or just lived there a while). My neck and my back are a bit sore at the moment from it I think. Seamus was the best at it, then myself, then simon and the girls were pretty even. It's like 35 beans for 30 minutes which is quite steep but it's such good fun it's worth it. I could stay ahead of seamus most of the time but I wasn't able to overtake him, and he was just too good at fucking me up on corners by smacking into me. He used to do a bit of karting when he was like 12. Anyways, Seamus and myself thought it would be hilarious to make Simon come last in one of the races. So I nipped ahead of him and we were trying to fuck him up. I got beside him at one stage and basically had him snookered like this.

The plan was just to wait like this until the girls got ahead and were safely far enough ahead so they could come first and second. The karts can't reverse so it was pretty foolproof. So as you can imagine at this stage I'm laughing my ass off looking Simon in the face and he's looking appropriately pissed off at this moment (on one of the previous laps I forced him to drive basically off the track and get soaked), when someone, I'm not sure who but at the time I thought it was Seamus having a laugh, mills into the back of me. I get knocked all over the gaff and Simon gets deflected free from the gridlock. Afterwards Seamus said it wasn't him which I believe, but neither of the girls said they did it. I think it was that smack that has gotten me a bit sore. We had to abandon trying to fuck simon up on that race but we got him on the next one!

After karting we went for eddie rockets and it was like this....
Simon's girlfriend did a lovely imitation of me talking to my hands when she presumably noticed how awkward I was looking while both couples were having couple-y moments: "I love you James. I love you too James. Mhua mhua mhua".

Overall, good fun but I'm not gonna go somewhere as a 5th wheel again as it makes you realize just how single you are.

On a separate note to do with ageing and general bad buzzes, my hair is falling out like a dickwad. Whenever I use conditioner it's like I'm actually using a magical paste that makes hair fall out like nobody's business. I hope I'm just a bit rundown or something because I don't want to be bald at all. I'm still greying exponentially but I can deal with being grey, being bald would just suck ass.

On a final note, CH-CH-CH-CHECK OUT the new background to my thing. It's a frame from the morcheeba video "Gained The World" which I found on google images.

Speaking of trip-hop:

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Google Headfuck

I imagine this is happening to most people with tcd accounts at the moment; everytime I log in it asks me to clarify or something between 2 google accounts I apparently have. I never set up a second account so google must have automatically done it for me, I'd appreciate if they'd automatically make them back into one for me if they could. I just keep clicking "do this later" but it means I have to keep logging out and in. All this time away from programming seems to have made me a little afraid of computers. I feel like an old dear.

I've been bored out of my ballsack lately. I made 2 c++ programs the last day to cheat in a flash game. One automatically clicks spacebar for me with specific times between clicks which let me cheat a pretty deece score in this game where you have to pick up, jump and throw basketballs (although it didn't work perfectly, I imagine because my CPU is changing it's usage). The other just simulates a left mouse click at a very quick rate which lets you get a very high score at this stupid game where you have to bash a computer. That's how little I have to do lately. I was just playing these stupid games and thought, I bet I could make a program for this and so I did.

For a while I've felt like I should learn some Chopin on the piano. He's pretty awesome and I don't know any. This one is quite famous and I was thinking of finding it somewhere to learn it.
But in my boredom and laziness instead I just went looking through my piano books seeing if there was anything I might like to learn. I came across this piece and I think it sounds kinda fun but I haven't found the motivation to learn it yet, it's pretty quick but it's shorter than the Chopin.
What I could do with right now is some zams. I never play so much piano as when I have exams.

I lost my phone one night when I went to the cinema to see the "In Betweeners" movie. It's very annoying that I did because I had so many things saved in the notes on that phone (had a sweet new rap) =[. Someone found it and wasted 6 beans of my credit ringing Latvia like a twat. Very annoying.