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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Love makes the world seem sound

"why aren't you more self confident though? everybody likes you, that's a pretty good reason to feel good about yourself." - thanks.

"wow that IS slightly Rude." - Indeed.

"what kind of spam were you getting? like viagra shit or what?" - Nope, I was getting just gibberish stuff like "yPTdh1  <a href= .... ". Haven't clicked the links but their names are gibberish.

"So do you like anyone at the moment? Is that rap about anyone in particular or is it just a general representation of girls you like?" - That rap was about someone in particular yeah, but at this stage I wrote it like what, 2 years ago or something? I think to have a proper crush on someone you have to see them at least semi frequently so no, but everybody always has someone they think about sometimes as they fall asleep.

I had planned to write more but I'm shattered after work today (we went zip-lining in the Dublin Mountains, it was exhausting and really fun) so I'll blog again soon hopefully.
Going out stronggg tomorrow night and hopefully it will be eventful, been quite good mooded these days which always makes for better nights out. 

Ryan, Gav and myself booked in for speed dating on the 7th June (2 wks away). I'm slightly excited for it but also a tiny bit nervous but mostly it's too far away to think about yet.

Shane has agreed to go do some piccies with me again this weekend, so I can't wait for that!

Did you know, Lana Del Rey's 'pussy tastes like pepsi cola'? What an odd lyric.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Rap #2

YO. I mentioned this post AGES ago and said that some time in the future I'd put it up, I think we've traveled sufficiently far into the future so it's now definitely ambiguous who I had in mind when I wrote it. It's rated R for slightly Rude.

I had no battery on my phone nor anything really to keep me entertained on the dart home so I came up with this among others, but this was the one I put the most work in to. 
It's just a verse and then the chorus.

It makes no sense,
I'm smitten through her absence,
I want us to take absinthes,
and see whatever happens.
See some girls are just tap-ins
but she's a 40 foot shot
that I'd be so happy if I got
but I never fuckin' will
cos I make her fuckin' ill
'Imagine kissing James,
man that makes me fucking sick,
imagine all the places that he want to put his dick.'
Although in reality I don't know what this girl thinks,
her words are riddles, she's my personal sphinx.
If I had to guess I'd say she thinks:
'He seems pretty meek,
but I bet if I looked under the covers,
I'd find out he's a freak.'

Eh I can't actually remember the chorus, it had a nice tune which you obviously never would have heard so no loss really. It was something equally depressing.

I was reading through a list of all the labels I've put into this DOCS as I side-tracked looking for this old rhyme. Friends, Teddy Bears and Crayons seem to be a recurring theme. Frogs slightly too. Bit weird, friends makes sense because I'm writing this for my friends to read, but the others kinda surprised me. Maybe Teddy Bears because I write this when I'm going to sleep so generally am tired. Crayons? Anyone any idea? Maybe because I feel like this is slightly my creative outlet so crayons? I don't buy that though. And frogs well, frogs can just go get fucked I've no idea where they come from. Well, obviously I know where ACTUAL frogs come from. Tadpoles. See. Yes yes. Quite.

I decided to write today because someone left me this message:
"you sound a bit down james.": I thought I definitely came off a bit down from the last post. I nearly wrote again the next day because I hadn't intended to be so glum. It was just hangover / dread of having to go to work. I'm sufficiently happy and my mother re-assures me (I hate when she says this but she always brings it up) that you're never going to enjoy any job whatsoever unless you're like my dad who enjoys everything and since I don't find everything interesting I just have to suck it up and slave for the man. I disagree somewhat, I'm too young to resign to the thought there can't be a job I'd be happy to get up in the morning for.

"do speed-dating ON SPEED" : Great idea, but no. Definitely no. Terrible idea really. I've never taken speed and I really don't think that would be a good time to dabble with it, and honestly I don't ever plan on it.

"get back into drawsomething! it's drawesome.": No thanks, I had my fun and it's over now. Exams are over now. All about snapchat now!

"when cycling, how do you stop bugs from flying into your mouth/eyes": I close my eyes if I see them coming, otherwise I just take it like a man. And I eat them when they go into my mouth, they're snacks to keep me going. I think I generally breathe through my nose actually when I cycle because I got a fly up my nose the other day when cycling and that was a horrible, horrible feeling.

This is a pretty lovely 8tracks playlist if you're okay with the cover picture having a topless woman in it. Embers of Love

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Is it really Monday already?

First things first. Check out:

I really don't want to go to work tomorrow.
I went surfing last weekend for the bank holiday wkend, I got so drunk the night and it was fun, but the next morning really made me genuinely want to stop drinking. I was just hanging thinking that if I keep this up I'll eventually just off myself in some hangover depression some day. That's why I didn't really want to drink this weekend. I'd love to give up booze and weed. I barely ever smoke anymore anyway, but giving up drink would be great. I can't do anything when I'm drunk and I usually just make a fool of myself. I dunno... I've had far too many unsuccessful nights out that all the disappointment from them builds up. I used to be fine getting pissed the whole time because I used to score a moderate amount of the time. For whatever reason I've progressively been getting worse and worse. There's no fun in being ridiculously hungover and thinking about how you could end up still alone at 50, or even worse, married to someone you don't even like. I think I might go speeddating next month. It was made for lonely IT sods like me.

I've been reminding myself lately how much happiness comes from your mindset and doesn't just happen by itself. You have to make yourself happy by seeing the bright side of things, but I just find it hard to fully buy into it.

I really don't want to go to work, but on the flip side I don't know what I'd even do if I didn't go. I work for money and this money is just paper that can't buy emotions. It buys preconceived notions of requirements which ultimately are unnecessary for my desires, despite what economics would want me to believe. I realize how bent that sounds, but I'm not gonna delete it because it's how I feel right now, even if it is the douchiest, hipsteriest thing I've probably ever said. 

I was asked, presumably by the same person:
"are swans dangerous?" - Apparently they're only vicious when they have kids on the grow, but in general they're not safe.

"Is it a good idea or a bad idea to keep a window propped open with a AA battery?" - Well I guess this would depend on whether or not you want the window open, what the window is made of, and how likely it is to rain.

To be honest I really enjoyed these 2 questions actually. You made me laugh. Thanks.

No song today. Not that you ever listen to them anyway.