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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Why oh why do iDo what iDo?

My mum got an upgraded iPhone so I'm going to take her old one since it's certainly an upgrade on my stressful  android phone. The screens bigger, hopefully battery life will be better, and hopefully it won't be so dog slow. iTunes is a stress to have to use though. It's just problem after problem. Here are 2 examples of piss annoying things which just are just apple being retards. The Apple Service Manager or something has to be already running and iTunes can't/doesn't prompt it to start. If you're like me and turn shit off so there's maybe less going on in the background, then you're going to hit that problem. You have to go and set it to start automatically in control panel, and then start it. Also, to restore an iPhone to factory settings you have to click the Restore button. Nice, that's easy, I can do that. Wait, NO I MUDDER FRUGGIN CAN'T?! For some unknown reason iTunes needs a proxy for this(it doesn't to browse the iTunes store or other iTunes internet related shit), so if you, like me, had your computer set to no-proxy, then you'll need another google to discover to set it to automatically configure.... Prix... I'm no apple fanboy yet anyway.

I felt really bad for my poor mum yesterday, she had Moo helping her set up her new iPhone but the apps didn't sync for some reason so she tried to sync them and somehow it ended up her iPhone was no longer recognisable to the computer or able to do squat. I spent some time trying to fix it but couldn't so Dad eventually had to do it that night for her, but it wasn't working for her when she went to be and she seemed quite upset about it, she was really convinced she was going to lose all her contacts. I think it was moreso frustration at what a pain iPhones are. Her new phone didn't sync the contacts properly either so she spent about 2 hours just there putting all the contacts into first and second names rather than just one name, and then comparing the numbers on each phone to see which ones she needed to re-enter fully (80 odd numbers).

What a fucking trek like. Apple really taking the piss there.

Study is going awfully by the way thanks for asking. Saw 2 rabbits again today, and a hawk I think. I'm actually quite excited to be finished and start working, mo money, mo fun, mo bitchez. That better be true. I think I'll try go to Sea Sessions if I can.

T-ball on friday. Should be fun. I'd want to lose my fridge at it.

I'd love to know how they make video effects like that. It's so cool.

p.s you've all been class, loadsa views lately. Not as many as Sarah, but still an improvement fo-sho.

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  1. Sea sessions is classsss! Went last year, going this year. You should apply to volunteer, its hardly any work, free ticket, free camping, free food and drink. om nom nom