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Sunday, 15 April 2012

A fine title for a post

I just watched Hall Pass. For some reason I had it confused with that movie (had to google the actors in it) "Grown Ups" so I expected it to be really shit. I had seen the trailer for Grown Ups and it looked awful but my sister told me it (Hall Pass) was good so I gave it a go and it turned out it was pretty good indeed.

I saw 2 wild rabbits today. One was very light brown and I only glimpsed it, the other was grey-brown. They were both tiny.
I should have started by saying, I made a study plan today. Well actually, I finished my study plan today. I started it about a week ago but I never filled in what to do each day, so I basically did no study for the last week. I was out Thursday and Friday nights so write off Friday and Saturday for hangovers (I wasn't particularly hungover, but I felt entitled), which led to me waking up this Sunday morning feeling guilty and seriously unhealthy. So after I got out of bed at about half 1 I finished the study timetable and then did 3 hours study. Similar to my one for last year, I made 2 study slots a day, so 2 different subjects each day. One AM, one PM. Each 3 hours long with an hour break in the middle. In that middle break I have to either go for a jog over the back wall or go on the cross-trainer, although I may use it one of these days to get a haircut instead.

I think it's fair because if I'm only doing 6 hours a day and finishing at 6pm I'll have to do decent work in that time; instead of trying to study for 8 hours and on Facebook for most of that.

On eh, Thursday day I went for a jog too, it was really nice but I started thinking for some reason that I wouldn't actually have a problem killing a rabbit and eating it. I was imagining as I jogged along would I be able to even hit one, I imagined the rabbit being quite big but that I probably wouldn't be able to get very close or it would run away. I should mention I have a bow&arrow from when I was young, and my dad has a rifle. Shooting a rabbit with a rifle would be easy enough, the bow not so much. Last time I used it was years and years ago but I was pretty good at it for someone who never had any lessons or anything. I reckon if I was within 30 yards of a rabbit I would have had pretty good odds of hitting it. Then I was thinking if I did manage to hit it, I'd probably need a knife or something to finish it off quickly because the poor thing would be in a lot of pain. Also what would I even do with it then? What do people do with animals they kill? Can you bring it to the butchers? Would my dad know how to butcher it? I'd assume he would but maybe not? Is that something that used to be common knowledge but people nowadays just have no need to know? As I got back to my house to hop over the back wall I could smell burgers, one of the neighbours was obviously having a bbq. It smelt class.

So I went for my jog today and saw the first rabbit, I came around a corner and he was gonezo before I could even more than register he was there, let alone take my bow off my back (I jest, I didn't have a bow on my back, what the fuck dyu take me for? Have you seen what bows look like these days?).

They don't really look like this anymore.

People who take it seriously have bad boys like this

Bet this was his facebook profiler. Cool glasses, cool grunt.

Mine is a real cheapy one though so it looks more like the ones you might have used if you ever went to one of those adventure things for a school tour.
This is the closes I can find.

Back to the story, I'm wile bad for side-tracking.
When I saw these rabbits today I realised just how tiny rabbits are. They're terribly cute too. I'd never be able to hit one even if I could bring myself to try. There'd be fuck-all meat on it too so it wouldn't even be worth killing the little cutezo for.

LOOK AT THEM. I'd rather kill you.
Not really, I'd kill the rabbit before you, but still. I'd rather not kill the rabbit than have it for din dins.

There's also this sorta old unused courtyard thing (the golf course is by a lil castle) on my jogging path. It has some really old equipment for the course or something, and some old closed up looking buildings etc. If I was Sarah I'd find a way inside through the falling-in roof and take pictures.
But I'm not, and I don't even have a good camera if I wanted to. Plus it's quite near a guest-house or something so I'd rather not be spotted rooting around.

My blog hits have dropped (come here more often!). They were deadly for a while, now they're back to the olden days. You're letting me down lads and ladies. I'm getting very close to my 3000th page-view.

Here's my playlist for Jem. It's my study music.



  1. in school me and my friends started an archery club (yeah so cool) but we didn't have any bows or arrows so it never got off the ground.

  2. Maybe if you were funny you'd have more blog hits.