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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

As frigid as I am.

I could have sworn I made a post with this exact title before, I did a lil search and it didn't show up though so who fucks a give? eh? Tell me that. Who fucks a give?




It's eh, nice to see you again.

That last one is one of those gems. It's one of those things people can say that makes you feel great when they say it right, not when it's someone welcoming you to their shop. I don't think I've ever said it to someone. It's like when someone says "take care" but whatever the circumstance is, they really mean it.
It's really nice.

Actually, this "Nice guy Greg" meme looks so much like my cousin's fiancé, and he's a seriously nice guy too as it happens. He's the sort of guy who'd always say something nice like that.

The title for this post comes from my house being sooo cold all day. It's only freezin' in this old bunch of bricks.
Dyu ever feel like things have happened to you that actually haven't? I get it a lot. Maybe it's because of the whole tv/games generation, maybe I've an over-active imagination, maybe I'm a bit skits, or maybe everybody gets it to some extent. It's most likely because I have an awful, awful, awful memory, so I often find myself remembering/finding out things I completely forgot had happened to me. So sometimes I'll be like, "hmm did that happen to me too?".
It's quite annoying.

I think it's related to the way some songs can make you feel emotions that you've never really felt before, or know how to place them. It's what any good song should do really isn't it? Make you feel something. You know when you're real bikkied and you feel sorta how you did when you were a kid? There's just something hard to explain which is different, it happens sober too though, sometimes you get it when you hear a song, and sometimes you get it when you see something, or smell something. Just something new and amazing I guess, which makes you think, "have I felt like this before?", and then in an instant the feelings gone.
Embarrassingly enough, here are some songs which have in the past at times made me feel like that.

I've joked before about telling people I have "Identity Recognition Disorder", or something like that, just some made-up thing which sounds like it could be real, and then exaggerating how bad I am, like insisting I did ridiculous things that I clearly didn't, such as that time I got my first period at my Holy Communion. (I chose that example because a guy in my secondary school told me that happened to some girl  in his class. I'm pretty sure he was lying. He said she had white jeans on too. Scarlet for the poor thing.).

I was going to write about the lotto (because I'm considering buying a ticket) but I just couldn't be bothered explaining why I'd play and why I don't think it's a complete waste of money even though I understand the odds. I need to get up early enough tomorrow to do some college stuff so I'll leave this disjointed post with this rather disjointed song. I think it's a pretty cool song even though the "White America" lyrics for Eminems first verse don't really mesh very well.

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