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Monday, 30 April 2012

Exams and Lovage

Exams start tomorrow. It's probably the least work I've done out of all 4 years so far and it's the last and most important ones... It'll be grand sure.

Does anyone else keep clicking to make a new blog by accident instead of making a new post? I've done it just about everytime since this new layout came...

Define Lovage: A large, edible, white-flowered plant (esp. Levisticum officinale) of the parsley family.
I somehow don't think that is what this band had in mind when they chose this name. I randomly stuck them on as I was falling asleep last night since I've been overdoing the old Kanye lately, hadn't listened to them in ages.

Strangely enough my sister introduced me to this band. They're really chill; if there was one word to describe the music though I think it'd be "lustful". Sometimes they are just a little bit filthy, like this one.
[edit: forgot to mention, nearly sure this one has audio clips from Some Like it Hot in it, never even noticed the clips before I had seen the movie]

I think this one's maybe my favourite.

The album is called music to make love to your old lady by.

I really don't have much to say........................................ Life gets boring around exam time, except everything that isn't study seems really exciting. Who'd have thought you can get so much fun from making yourself a sandwich.
I spend far too much time sitting down with notes open waiting for someone to DrawSomething for me. I should probably delete that game for my own good.

Here are some lovely draws I've done since last post, and some random pictures I found in my notes.

I'm not really sure what all the raggin' on Donal was for, he must have just been sitting beside me.


  1. Your Draw Something pictures are fantastic. Mine are always awful:(

  2. Thanks, I spend far too long drawing them sometimes.