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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

What's this?

I tried to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas at 4am last night, but it stopped playing and asked me to register for some website after 15 minutes. Probably for the best. I had a lecture in college today at 3pm. I was 20 minutes late because I didn't get up in time.. It's ridiculous.

I printed this off to learn.

I quite like the actual song, especially this video (even if the spelling is atrocious). Amirite lads yeye, course I am.

Labrinth was meant to play t-ball but he cancelled, I looked at his twitter at the time to see why, and he's a twitter whore fyi, but he had his DrawSomething username on it. It's "labrinthischildish", but I couldn't play with him because he has too many games going =[.
Here's a slick drawing I did earlier on it actually. Scooby doo baby.

I also drew some lovely pictures in that real boring lecture I said I was in earlier, my iPhone's camera is shit though, and it can't focus on things which are kinda close:

I'm unhappy because I am a spider and have to eat flies.

Of course I'm nervous. I'm a fly. Spiders try to eat me. You don't understand, you're a human, they don't try to eat you. Have you seen a spider up close? They're scary. To us flies, they're monsters. I live in a world with monsters.
 2 sides of the story innit.

I was talking about suicide with someone the last day, and I brought up this song. I usually think about it when I hear about suicide or if I ever ponder about suicide. [One of my sort of friends who I've definitely grown apart from as we grew older (we're just quite different people) once said, "I ponder, regular people wonder, clever people ponder."]. I think maybe sometimes I talk about suicide or depressing things too much on this, I just want to make it clear that I'm not suicidal at all! I worry that I give off that vibe sometimes, I've never seriously considered it at all, but that doesn't mean I can't think what it would be like right?

Anyway, this song really highlights the selfishness of suicide, how it doesn't just affect you.

On another note, I remember something that I wanted to say here the last day.

When we were looking through the pictures of my parents when they were younger, my lil sister asked mum, "Did you always want to have kids yeah? You never look as happy in these pictures as when you're with your godson in them.", to which my mum replied yeah she always wanted kids blah. Then I was surprised when moo says something along the lines of: I don't really, but you're the same though James, aren't you? I was a bit taken aback. She was right like, it is something that I'm really looking forward to, but I don't think I have ever once told her that. But then again, it is the only real point in life; to pass on your genes and try give your kids a real happy/meaningful life. I can never understand how some people wouldn't want to have kids. I think I'll make a real good dad when the time comes, but I still have far too much stuff I want to do before I'd actually want that responsibility. You'd have to be so much more careful because it'd be way worse if you die if you have kids.
In short, I'm class, so why wouldn't I want more mes in the world?

Since I'm not going to be having kids anytime soon, I really want to get a puppy after my exams. I'd love that. I'm probably going to get real bored around the house over the summer, so it'd be class to have something to do. I love our dog, but he's a bit of a dope to be honest, and he's certainly my sister's dog moreso than a family dog or my dog. I could spend hours with him, but he'd still choose her over me, I guess just because she put the time in when he was young.
Mum will go nuts if I get one though, but she always objects and then comes to love whatever pets we get. I think I'll get one regardless really of whether she allows me or not.

Also, this must be a sign because I'd been thinking this for the last while and then David Thorne (if you haven't seen this website before, you're in for a treat, he's hilarious) made this post.


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