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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Heya Flipheads

Ahoyyyyyy my long lost friends. I have not forgotten you. I love you all far too much to do that.

I gave in my notice at my job today. 2 months baby, then I'm outta that bitch.
Well. Maybe.

They asked whether I could - actually lemme backtrack.

So my uncle has an app/website for me to make and he's paying me and giving me equity, so I want to do that obviously as it'd be far more interesting than the work I get at regular work. And I have a huge amount of my own ideas I want to do. So it made sense that now, as I'm moving city (I'm moving city by the way) to quit my old job.

Ok none of this make sense unless I backtrack even more. Jesus not blogging in ages does not make this easy...

SO since the last post things have been going great with Lucy. I moved to Norwich where she was working since she was the only reason I was still in England, and we moved in together and have had a lovely 10 months in Norwich so far. In Norwich I stayed working for the same company, just remotely 4 days and commuting to London 1 day. Now Lucy has a new job in Bristol, so we're moving, and I can't be bothered to do the 4 days + 1 commute anymore on a project I'm no longer interested in.

So going back, when I gave in my notice work asked whether I could do maybe 2/3 days a week and 2/3 days off, or work freelance, or basically anything that wasn't a hard quit. Which is nice in that I could make some more money if I did that, but I'd quite like to just quit and move on. I think I can earn more contracting for other companies, although they haven't said what freelance rate they'd give me....

OK my train has arrived home so I'm going to leg it.

Be glad ye got anything at all ya scoundrels.

I've stopped the violin, and I've learnt to string squash rackets. Playing tonnes of squash.