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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

A century of posts.

Song is fantastic, this is the chick from Morcheeba. She went solo for a good while, she's so awesome.

So the exam went okay yesterday, and I've definitely toned down my DrawSomething playing. It was getting out of hand (I do have 2 more that I'll throw down at the end).

The more I think about the exam the more I realise I answered things badly/wrong but I'm trying quite hard not to think about it. I took yesterday evening off study since I was so wrecked. I was feeling pretty shitty the night before and morning of the exam. You know when you feel like you're getting a fever and your bones are achy? It was sort of like that, but it passed and I'm fine. I don't think it was exam nerves. The feeling like I was going to puke in the morning could have been but I'll put down to getting up early. It's weird, but I get like "morning sickness" and I'm not even pregnant yet... I always feel like getting sick in the morning (especially if I eat) unless I take a huge-ass lie-in.
Actually, tongue's are fucking ridiculous things. My back left upper tooth is really sharp. I'm not sure if it's something to do with a filling back there, or if it was always sharp, but it's been grating off my tongue a bit which has gotten quite sore. Of course the natural thing for my tongue to do is SWELL UP. WHAT THE FUCK?? Where is the logic in that? Proof there is no God. Surely he'd never have made such a fundamental error. So since it became all swollen it kept rubbing off my teeth more and more and now it's quite sore to talk at times.

I don't think it's hit me how at a loose end I'm going to be after exams.
Mum goes the other day, "Only a few more weeks and then you're free for the summer!", to which I replied "Mum, I'll be free for the rest of my life.", which sounds like a good deal, but it's probably not. Without thinking about it, sure I'm going to have to find a job etc, but I can do it anytime and I can have a really sweet summer with nil worries or commitments already waiting up ahead, but in reality, it probably means the summer won't feel like a normal summer and I'll be worrying about getting a job.

Fuck that.
This summer is going to be class. There's ALWAYS something that you can worry about in the back of your mind. Half the time it's shit you don't need to worry about at all. I'm not going to have any worries this summer. I actually do think I'm going to be real happy this summer. There's a good few people who aren't going away for the summer, and if I get a puppy I'll be inseparable from it and always have something to do. I really hope I don't bottle that plan. Mum does raise a good point that I'll probably be moving out in a couple of months though, but to be honest I don't think she'd mind having another dog around the house. Urghhh, is it a bit irresponsible of me to get one? Probably.
Is it a bad idea? I dunno.
I think having that responsibility in my life would probably be a really good thing though, a reason to live sorta jobbie, plus class dogs are class.

Growing up we've always had loads of pets in our house, we've had loads of budgies, when I was about 9 our 2 budgies had babies which were SO much fun to come down in the morning to see if they had hatched, we've had a guinea pig and loads of rabbits, 2 Irish Wolfhounds, an Irish Red Setter, and the pomeranian, we've had tortoises and newts and taken frog-spawn from the pond and watched them grow into little frogs before putting them outside, we've had fish of course, and we've had gerbils. We've also had some kittens for brief periods before finding them homes, and there used to always be a cat next door. But basically I've only ever had as MY pet a gerbil. One of the newts was "mine" in name, but it had nothing to do with me really other than I'd look at him occasionally and go, that one is mine and that one is Maura's. The gerbil (well I've had 2, I'll explain), was great. He was so tame it was crazy. Maura and I got one each from a petshop. He'd literally run up and down my arm and sit on my shoulder. He'd come to my hand when I put it down, and he'd sit still if I was moving.
Kinda like this:

Except mine was grey and smaller/younger than those lads.
But anyway, they must have been slightly sick when we got them or something, because they just randomly died after about a week and a half, both of them on the same day, and they were kept separately, a little suspicious now that I think about it. Then one of the teachers in school had some gerbils that her's had had, so we took 1 each again. Mum left Maura's one in the conservatory on a sunny day and he became toast. Mine was never so unlucky, but he was never tame. I did try, but maybe we got them too late, or maybe my heart just wasn't in it. I remember being bitten dozens of times by him before eventually deciding, stuff this and asking mum to find him a new home please. I think she gave him back to the teacher, can't really remember.
In short, gerbils are pretty class if you get a good one.

Better try do some study now I guess....

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