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Sunday, 27 May 2012

This post is really long so I'm going to throw in mildly relevant pictures to prevent boredom

I got back from Edinburgh yesterday afternoon. It was a ridiculously stress-free trip home and I've been feeling pretty great for the last day and a half since I got home. 

Edinburgh itself was very enjoyable, it completely flew by and nothing too crazy happened, just the usual sorta craic. It was quite a laid back buzz in comparison to the much livelier buzz of second year, but it was definitely more relaxing this time round, the incredible weather helped too. I had a decent amount of sleep each night and didn't actually do anything in particular other than at some stage make it to the park during the days, which is basically what I had planned for it to be like so I was happy out. 

I think my name is probably on a police database in England now. Outside the club one of the nights some dickhead Scots lads were trying to start fights with people, and eventually ended up attacking I guess one of my mates. There was only 3 of them (all looking for a fight) but there was 6 of us and 2 girls (none looking for a fight) so we pulled them off and for the most-part were pretty restrained. One of our lads got a smack in the nutsack (he sounded in sooo much pain, I was worried he'd been stabbed for a second) and hit in the face, and one of them got hit in the face too. The guy who got hit in the face went absolutely loco. He kept following us as we were walking away bringing one of the girls to tears so the police came and blah blah blah. Pretty much as an afterthought the police took my name and address too which in hindsight maybe I should have lied about but I didn't. I didn't really think about it til my dad asked me when I got home did I give my real name. I got the impression he thought I shouldn't have which is saying something since he's a pretty moral guy. Him in his youth would have been a great lad to have around actually that night. Apparently back in the day when New York was a shithole full of thieves he saw some woman getting mugged, so he ran over, knocked the guy out and then stuffed him in a phonebox til the police came. I need to ask him about that again actually, I have a feeling he got someone else to hold the door closed so he could leave and not get in trouble for knocking the guy out. Lads who grow up on farms are hard enough lads.

Actually had a lovely day today with the dad. I didn't go for a sail with him as planned, which turned out to be a decent call since I would have really wanted to go for a swim, but apparently the water was filthy everywhere. I read my book instead, but we went to see the new Men In Black movie this evening. It was pretty poor, the first few minutes were quite shit, but it picked up a bit and became tolerable. We took the motorbike since traffic out of Howth was absolutely shite. It's fun going on the back of a bike, but I imagine it's far more fun being the one driving it. That's definitely something I want to learn to do at some stage. 

This song was buzzin' around in my head for a lot of the time in Edinburgh. It's great. It's such a lovely gift of a song to give to his mother. 

When we got back to Dublin I had to take the bus to get to Sutton where my dad picked me up. On the bus I was listening to Kanye and was feeling the most content I have felt in years. It was an hour long trip to go what would take 20 minutes in the car, but the bus goes through swords/malahide/portmarnock then sutton so it's a bit of a randabout way. I didn't mind though because a lot of it is by the sea and it was really really nice to just have that time to think and be introspective as shit; I had a sense of clarity in my head at the time that just felt very nice. I'd like if I could always have my thoughts arranged as tidily as then.

In Swords there was a white man driving a jeep of sorts with a young black girl in the front seat, presumably his daughter. I want to say she was about 8 but I'm crap at guessing children's ages, all I know is she was a ridiculously cute child, it was definitely one of those moments of - More than anything in the world I want this. She reminded me of one of the girls who I taught last summer in Kenya. Her name was Miriam. Well. It's actually kinda funny. I think her name was Miriam but she was awful at English, especially writing it, but wasn't much better at speaking it (some of the kids can speak it pretty well but are just shit at writing it). So she would spell her name wrong sometimes, jumble up the order of the letters and stuff, her copy said Mirimi  but on the class list she was Miriam. She was one of my favourites as much as I shouldn't have had favourites and tried not to. I'm not going to put up any picture of her, that wouldn't be right. She was a small girl, about 9 I think, had big eyes and a brilliant, infectious smile. Her mannerisms were even cuter, she used to link baby fingers with me when she could, and when I'd be trying to play a trick on the kids, or be funny or one of them was being funny she used to really slowly wink. It's sad because I know she wasn't very good at school, but she definitely had a sharp wit about her. She most likely will not go far in life, but I really really really hope she'll be happy. I hope they'll all be happy.

In Malahide I was once again baffled by the amount of young people, I always think it's nuts when I go through it, where the flunk do they all come from? In Howth the average age is just ancient in comparison. I reckon Malahide would be a cool place to grow up. I decided I should consider it for if I want to settle down in Ireland.

Then when I got to Portmarnock the traffic got insane. Since it was a class day everybody had flooded there to go to the beach and whatnot. There was hundreds of young teens. I was in the middle/back of the top floor of the bus, there had been about 5 of us up there, but at Portmarnock the whole top level got filled up with noisy-ass kids. I imagined they had been drinking and up to shenanigans but in general all they meant to me was that I had to turn up my music a lot. They kept screaming and shouting and just my god teenagers are noisy around the age of 14/15.
Then suddenly they meant more to me.
Out of nowhere, the girl in front of me went from becoming someone I hadn't noticed, to someone with quite a considerably high probability of puking on me. She got sick, nothing of substance, just a bit of watery-puke into the aisle and all her friends jumped away from the seats anywhere near her. Her boyfriend stayed beside her and one of her girl mates started looking after her, but the others started chanting shit and all that crap you'd expect from slightly rough 15 year old lads. The boyfriend turns around and goes "heeyar, *insert sham name here*, if yer brudder wasn't who he is I'd knock da fuckin' head of ya so sh'up.", which was kinda chivalrous and all to his girlfriend I guess, it made me think he was a nice guy even if he did come off a prick too for his choice of method to shut them up. He was really sunburnt. In fact most of them were. Actually I'm just remembering the STENCH of sweat and suncream that came onto the bus with that group. At one stage the puking girl turned around and looked back the bus, right past me. Her eyes were out of focus and she had a slight smile on her face, she looked so gone it was ridiculous. I felt quite sorry for her. I was glad to see the back of that group though. I was very glad I hadn't been puked on at all.

This is pretty chill.

One of the nights in Edinburgh when I got home I was drunk, and as I was falling asleep listening to music, I was wondering what to do with all this bottled up affection I have. Since I can't seem to get any girl fitting the unrealistic standards I grant myself, I decided that the puppy had to happen. Since I've gotten back though I feel like something good is coming my way soon, and a dog isn't in the forefront of my mind any longer. I don't know what, but I just feel like good, happy times are ahead.

The weekend has ended, and I hope the good weather stays a while. I'd really like to go cliff jumping one of these days, haven't swam in too long. It's nice during the week too because there's a significantly lower chance of there being a group of pikies there.

If you've made it this far, far play tya son.

For my loyalest followers:


-I've received a complaint about the ciphertext looking like it's going to say a lot, and then people being disappointed with the brevity of the actual message.... If this actually bothers more than just the lynch I can look into compressing it... But honestly, do you care?

"Have you ever been in love? ps the text decryption is hard to read, maybe a darker text colour?" - I've had plenty of crushes, too seldom voiced and too seldom returned, but the very rare occasions they were I wouldn't go so far as to say that it was "love", I'd certainly hope it wasn't, although I would never rule out that they couldn't have grown to be. "Love" definitely isn't something you just "fall" into at first sight, I think it's something that requires you to grow into. I'm really just too inexperienced to be saying anything about this sorta thing in all honesty. Re: darker text, that can be changed easily, trek of re-uploading it though. If 3 people tell me to change it I'll update the link with a new version.

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