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Monday, 14 May 2012

The last day of an era.

So today is the last day where I am really still a student. Tomorrow is my last exam and then I have no long term plans whatsoever. Tomorrows exam shouldn't be too bad but I should really do some study for it at some stage.

My exam on Saturday went kinda badly, but it could have been worse. I think I probably got over 40%. The worst exam I ever did I got 37% in. I'd say I confidently answered about the same amount of questions, but at least in this exam I was able to take a guess at most questions where I had no clue. I went to bed at 4ish the night before, and woke up at 8 to study. I thought I was fine all day, but my head just wasn't working. I hope I didn't make loads of stupid mistakes in the exam but given by my actions for the rest of the day, I probably wrote someone else's name on the front page. I got on a Malahide dart even though I had looked at the timetable a minute before. I went up to my cousins' house with Colm and Shane later. So it was the 3 of us and my 2 cousins Simon and Seamus. I told Seamus he was giving himself an extra chip in poker because I counted 36 chips already in the game so I thought there should be 6 each. Of course there was actually 35 chips and only 5 of us playing poker. And the one chip would make fuckall difference so I dunno why I even brought it up. There was more stupid mistakes I was making but I can't remember.
What I lacked in my mind though I made up for in beer pong. I was something else. We played 2 group rounds where the losing team had to do a shot, I was on the winning team both times. Then we did 1v1s with 1 glass each for shots, and I won 3 times. I took 2,3 and ~6 throws to win each time. It was ridiculous. Then we played the mushroom game and everybody kept picking me to drink in revenge for the beer pong so it nearly evened out.
We then got quite bikkied and played sarbc, I played really well in the first game, beating my cousin like 12-1 I think, then Colm beat him 12-0, then the drink caught up with me and I started being awful at it. I was actually on quite a bad buzz though at this stage. I was really paranoid and was feeling really weird. I was pretty convinced my cousin's thought that I was basically a remo, but then I kept being really surprised when they'd act drunk or say something about being drunk. I think it might have just been the fact that their mum was asleep in the room above us was making me see the situation differently. Either way I didn't love it and I had some very realistic and confusing dreams that night.
I dreamt that their mum came down and was freaking out because we hadn't left yet (we were meant to leave early), and that Shane had slept in and was late for work and I had to tell him he was late about 10 times to get him to get up. I also dreamt that I had just woken up in Edinburgh (since our class is going there after exams) and had been really out of it the night before, and people were telling me about things I had done and said, and I was just like, yeah that sounds exactly like me, fuck.

Needless to say I was relieved when I woke up.

So then yesterday I didn't do a tap of study since I was pretty hungover. I did however do a bit of coding for the encryption app for this blog I was talking about before. And a little bit more for the twitter one. The blog one is almost done. I'll stick up a first version pretty soon.

Hadn't listened to the latest Hilltop Hoods album at all, but they gave out a few free remixed tracks from their website the other day, one in particular was really cool which has gotten me back into them a bit.

Really like this one, it's a lot less shouty than their old stuff, which was kinda why I stopped listening to them so much.

Answering anon questions:

"Dinner tonight?" - Yeah sure thing

"what if instead of a missed opportunity it just wasn't meant to be?" - I dunno but it sure helps me sleep at night. (Very nice job copying my Myzone status whoever this was. It's from this. )

"what's your view on masturbation?" - There's about a hundred witty answers I could think of offhand to say to this... Here's a story instead. 
My cousin when he lived at home had 'Masturbation is sex with someone I really love' written on his wall. When I first saw it I was kinda young and thought it was just an older persons thing to have written up and did my best to ignore it. I never really thought about it again until I saw this question and I find it gas now to think he had that written on his wall. Jesus like, imagine the first time his mum saw that. I wonder what she said. I wonder if he wrote it up or one of his friends did and he just never washed it off. 
       Since it's a pretty out-there question I'll give it a proper answer too. I didn't really realise people had "views" on it. Basically everyone does it but presumably there are some exceptions, more often I'd imagine with girls. I haven't really talked about it too much with very many girls, but the gist I get seems to be that everyone I've talked to about it does it, but most of them know some other girls who say they don't. Maybe some girls get so much action that they never feel an urge to, but then those girls are sluts so they can't really look down on anybody for "flickin' the bean" or "playin' the one eyed japanese helicopter". I've never met a guy who says he never does it, but if I did it really wouldn't mean anything to me anyway. It's way more socially acceptable for guys to be really open about it though, probably because if girls were as bad as guys are then guys would be doing the monkey walk a whole lot more often (bah, I can't find that great clip from american dad I think it was...). I'd love to watch Superbad again actually. I feel really weird writing this since I don't know exactly who reads this, and even moreso because I know my sister reads it sometimes. Moo if you're reading this, that was all just a really sarcastic joke. Nobody does that because it's a sin and you'd go to hell. Also it's icky.

All this wank talk reminds me of this blog Saz linked to me before. It's so, so fucking disgusting nearly all the time: slutever.com. She has one or 2 funny bits in it but for the most part it's filthy and real gross, and she thinks she's real clever and individual (she's basically a hipster) but she's actually just a fickle dope. Just had a look at it again there; she is a freak of a human being....

Okay, study time unless I want exam time tomorrow to turn into sad time.

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