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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Modern Art

So I just read THIS
and it has become clear to me that modern art is purely for money laundering.
What better way for one drug baron to conveniently transfer millions of dollars to another in a different country without getting any notice?
All it takes is for each drug baron to get some coke-head in his country, say I'll give you lots more drugs if you literally take whatever the fuck you want, throw it on paper (or don't), make sure to insist on it being called art though, and then put together an exhibition and sell your piece of shit to my mate, drug baron eile.
Boom, millions transferred from England to Columbia, now let's send you your drugs son.

The governments know about it, but it's all part of the game man.
It's nothing new, Immortal Technique knows.

Also don't forget,
the world ends in December guys. Have a sweet last few months before the god Bolon Yokte' K'uh comes and fucks shit up.

I haven't actually been keeping count with these things, and I'm too lazy to google again, but is it just me or has there been an "End of the world" day basically every year for the last number of years?

Imagine if you died by some seemingly freak accident on one of those days, a heart-attack or something and you think you see someone else having one too or something, so then you're just chillin' in the afterlife. You'd be all like: "WOAH, it actually was the end of the world! I can't believe that, the whole world getting a heart-attack simultaneously! Hey, where is everybody else? They must be all about to come through.... Wait a minute.... BAH! FUCK!". Or at least I'd be all like that anyway.

I'm really just waffling instead of studying here aren't I.

Here's something to think about while you wait for my next blog post, lessons for life really.

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