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Sunday, 20 May 2012

The calm before the storm.

Howiyiz. So I've been getting into the swing of doing nothing and I'll tell you this for free. It's boring, but it sure as fuck beats studying.

I always think these lads are such gimmicky pricks. To be fair, he's better than I'll ever be, but it's just so "Ooooh look at me, I don't have to look to play it". It seems impressive to people who don't play the piano, but it doesn't mean they're the most incredible piano players in the world, it just means they're attention-seekers. A lot of the time it makes fuck all difference whether your eyes are closed or not (unless of course you're trying to read the piece in which case it makes a little bit more of a difference). 

Guess what this is:

It had been quite a while since I had bothered to put that much effort into one. My eyes felt really weird afterwards actually, might not bother putting in much effort again for a while.

- if anybody has any feedback on the app just let me know and I'll fix it and stick a link to the new version on the side instead...

Going to play some golf tomorrow with Donal, Matthew and Staples. I hope they're all as bad as me. 

Went to Purty Kitchen with college peeps last night, I had my ipod touch and headphones nicked while my coat was in the cloak room there before back at the start of 2nd year/ end of first year. I decided I'd never go there again, but I think I got sucked into going once more ages ago and it was shit. Wasn't too keen to go again last night but it was a bit of a laugh. One of the French lads was telling me how he gets Irish girls and was saying I should try it. You just go: "Hello, Je m'appelle Jean. I am France.  What's your name?". Easy as apparently. I didn't try it. It was crazy how young everybody was in Purty Kitchen actually. The majority of people were about 18 I'd say. 
Actually, you know where you get off the dart at pearse and are walking towards the corner to cross to the trinity side, and there's those "coves" near the door into the JCR? Well while we waited outside the dart station for 2 of the lads there were 2 girls taking a piss down there. Girls pissing in public is gross.

Actually, ever heard of a Hysterectomy?
I hadn't until today. Didn't know that shit was even possible. Shows what I know eh. 

I'd quite like to go on a road trip to where my sister died again. I've only been to the actual place once, but I'd like to see it again. It was a beach in Clifden, quite a pretty place really. I'd like to write her a message, and burn her a cd, and just leave it there for her. I know I don't believe in any of that sort of thing, but I think it's something I'd still like to do. Sorta to prove to myself that I still remember her, and she'll always be a part of my life. Who knows where I could end up moving to over the next while and what'll happen in my life. I may not have another opportunity in a long, long time. It's odd. My parents go to the grave every Sunday, but I so rarely go with them. I'm not sure if I'm just a bit weird about that or what. I feel less than I should there I think. The grave means so little to me. It isn't a reminder of my sister, how could it be, she was never even there. It's a reminder that she's dead sure, but so are most things/occasions. At the same time, I wouldn't like for the grave to become overgrown or anything, then people might think she's forgotten or something. Does that make me a bit of a hypocrite? I think it does, but somehow it still doesn't change how I feel.

On a partly related note, I've had only 1 question lately.
"Talk to God much?" - No. Not at all really. I'd love if I still believed in a god, but I can't dupe myself into it. So many comforts come with religion, it'd be so nice to think there was this guy looking out for me. A bigger plan that I fit into. But if I'm going to believe that I might as well believe something even more convenient, like that every single thing I do in my life is the right decision, and even things that seem like bad decisions are good ones because I can't make mistakes really as it's all in my life's plan. Actually, I was trying to make up something that sounded really class to believe yet ridiculous, but it ended up just sounding a lot like Christianity didn't it.....

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