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Monday, 7 May 2012

The Question Heir.

CHECK IT OUT -------------------------->

It's an ask an anonymous question box. So if there's anything you'd like for me to blog about, or any question at all that you want to ask me anonymously, you can use that gizmo. If it's a real good one I'll post the question and answer here. But probably I'll just post answers to questions here and you can go figure what the question would have been. Oh, if you want you can post something funny/embarassing that you did and I'll make a poll on the blog for who it was or something. I'll start it off with a fresh poll now. That would be fun.

Shane linked this song on his blog and it's frickin' awesome.

The video is cool too.

The other day moo and I were talking about just random crap instead of studying and we ended up talking about poems we wrote when we were younger which reminded me that I never posted those poems that I said I would ages ago. I'll do that later or tomorrow.

One more week and then exams are over basically. I have a real hard exam Wednesday, an easier one Friday, and then a really hard one on Saturday. I'm kinda fucked really. Yet I'm still in bed at 1.30pm so there ya go.... It'll be grand.
I have one last one then Tuesday week which should be pretty easy. It'll be nice to end on an easy one. I'm going to be a stressed bug for Wednesday-Saturday, so I probably won't blog. Or maybe I'll blog loads but hopefully not since I won't really have the time. Who really cares though.
My blog is boring these days, because I'm so boring these days. People (I hope it's not just me) become crazy self-centred around exam time. You just spend the whole time thinking about yourself because you kind of have to to get by. I think it just makes me boring to talk to without me really realising it at the time.

On another note I've been watching a fair bit of that 70s show again. It's so great, I've missed it dearly.

Right, better make a move to get out of bed and get me some brekkie.
Listen to that song. It's ace.