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Thursday, 17 May 2012


So I've slaved for the last 24 hours to make this slick little blog app for myself and you guys to use, with help from my Chief Head of the Test Engineering Department, a.k.a Kelly.
It only works with Google Chrome.
Click here to download
This post will just go through how to use it pretty much.
The steps are basically, Download, Install, Get Password, Decrypt, Have a laugh.

First step. Download the app from filedropper.com using the link above.
If that link dies, send me an email please (judgeja@tcd.ie)

Step two. Install the app. -- EDIT
Chrome has changed about how they want you to install extensions, (and loads of other shit to do with extensions)
So now, when you download it, you've got to open up your browsers extensions page in a new tab.
You can go straight to it here: chrome://chrome/extensions/
Then just drag the file onto this page and it should say the privileges the app needs and let you install it. That's it.

[old way :: When you download it, you should be prompted by chrome to install it. Click continue and then ADD. If you are not prompted, find wherever you downloaded the file to, and open it with Google Chrome(right click it etc). If you can't do that, well, I'm not going to teach you how to use a PC.]

Step the third. Get a name (you probably already have one), and a password.
This is the bit where this app gets a bit lame. You have to email me to get the password. This is so I can know it's basically not my parents or someone who I don't want reading my more personal stuff. So email me at judgeja@tcd.ie with a name you are going to use (such as James if your name is James) and I'll message you back as soon as I can with a password for that name. Then just stick the name and password as given to you into the app. The Password I send back will be two numbers, keep the space, it's important. E.g "123746134652 13" (this isn't an actual password)

Step four. Decrypt shit
This is probably where cock-ups will happen. You take whatever is encrypted on my blog, and paste it into the text box. It'll be something like
So you just copy all of that, and paste it into the text box. If it doesn't work, make sure you didn't accidentally have any characters at the start or stick any at the end.

Step five. Have a laugh.
The Random Link has 11 links or so, the random song has about 98 songs or something linked. Lots of random selections.

If anybody has a blog and wants the app for the blog writer to encrypt, I'll gladly pass it on. I won't gladly make you a customised reader side app though, it's a trek, unless you want to pay me, in which case it's no problem.

If you run into any problems, please email me them and I'll try fix them and re-upload the app as soon as I can.

Here's a super secret story!
I'm sure I'll still get quite drunk at Edinburgh and stuffs though anyway.

I realise I've definitely said stuff that I'd much rather my parents not see than what's in there! It's a bit late to go back and encrypt them all now though, also I couldn't be bothered yo'.

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