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Monday, 7 May 2012

Poems from 14 year old James.

The Sadistic's Goodbye

I've been waiting for the day my life would end.
Waiting for the hour, that I would find it spent.

And you, you say you didn't know,
you say I didn't let it show.
But if you had looked closer, into my eyes,
you would see that I am concealed with lies
Yet from these eyes there are strong ties,
with a hear I could not start.
There's no passion in this heart,
and these eyes seek no prize.
So I implore why do you linger,
I do not want to ring your finger,
You must go with an eagle's haste,
and let me lay myself to waste.

I don't love you.

[Date given as "Sometime in the pasts future" - how annoyingly ambiguous of me]

A Lover's Devotion

My darling don't you know it,
And how I know it's true,
the night that I am crying,
I want to be with you

You'll guide me from a darkened corner
into a shadow's light.
It's little better here,
but at least I have no fear,
for it's in your stature's shade,
that I will find it bright.

You removed the demon from inside me,
Gave love to a hated heart,
And forever I want to be with you,
and have a brand new start.


I am in a barracks of heaven but I start to wonder,
start to think, of things of much worse taste,
Of the Demon or Angel outside my windows,
Just outside my view.

Is it an Angel there tempting my only view,
Trying to keep me safe,
In a saintly barracks of heaven, where I start to wonder,
start to think, of things of much worse taste.

Is it a thief deciding to or not, 
deprive me of my riches I had fought so hard to got,
As he is ever there outside my window,
Just outside my view.

Is it a Demon catching my lonesome eye,
Deciding if it is this night when I am due to die,
In a barracks of heaven, where I start to wonder,
start to think, of things of much worse taste.

It could be the mighty devil,
with his hands so full of my soul that I can't fight back,
as he is ever there outside my window,
Just outside my view.

And now where are you God
To whom that I had prayed? Are you too
In a barracks of heaven, wondering, thinking, 
of things of much worse taste, things outside your window, just outside your view.

So that was them..... They are pretty childish but for a kid who wasn't very creative I think I did alright with them. I didn't leave in the spelling mistakes :p. The second one was written as a response to the first one. 3rd is unrelated. I remember writing the 3rd one late one night when I was in the kitchen (last one up in the house) and couldn't see out the windows. We did Do Not Go Gently Into That Good Night in English at the time which I really liked so I wanted to try write a Villanelle. As you can see I failed, but I came sort of close for the small amount of effort I put into it.

Also, here's another phat beat. Got a fair bit of positive feedback on the last one which was literally a first.

Actually, a friend of a friend (who I've only met once) is in a song competition thing for some sweet gear apparently with coca cola. 
Here's his entry, I suggest you give it a listen because it's a pretty slick remix (I wouldn't link it unless it was since I don't actually know him very well).

Night Night now. Don't forget to vote on the poll to the right, or ask me questions.

I'll answer the questions so far actually.

"Are you a frigid?!" - ye so whot iff im wiatin 4 d perfekt gurl. I wont mi first 2 b speciel.

"weirdest thing you ever ate?"- eh, the most mank thing I ever ate was a tofu dish from a chinese in kenya last summer. It honestly tasted like a bin smells. I also drank some of the water for washing colours from paintbrushes as a dare back in like 4th class. That was weird but not really eating anything.

"do you sleep with one eye open"- No


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