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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Spendin' all my cashhh

So I checked my bank balance today, it was almost exactly what I expected. So I decided to buy ski boots/poles/bag to go with my lovely skis. Unfortunately I couldn't get a ski-bag that would fit my boots though, and I want one that could so I can put them together for flying on planes. Trek of having to carry them on.

So here is a picture of my lovely new ski boots.

I didn't want to spend over 200euro on them, but when I went into the shop (skimium) the guy was like 219 is our cheapest boot (in french, I was bossing it up to that point but had to ask him for English after the next bit). I then asked was there anything cheaper and he told me I could buy any of the boots they rent out, he just has to check them on the computer for how many times they were used, could get a pair for as low as 50 euro if they were used maybe 40 times. But he also said they'd never fit my feet as well as a pair that only I had used, which is something I had heard before. So I figured what the heck I'd at least try on the new pair. And as soon as my feet slid into the bad boys I knew I had to buy them. They fit so much nicer than any boots I had ever tried on before. Even the buckles were nice, they closed tightly without having to use loads and loads of energy. I got them half a size too small because he warned me they'd get roomier after about 4 weeks use. They still fit perfectly, just extra snug for the moment. I'm dying to go skiing tomorrow now. Was talking to the guy a little bit and he said he used to do freestyle skiing, big-air/half-pipes sorta stuff til he broke his collar bone the 3rd time and he decided to chuck that. He now does telemark skiing. That shits crazy. He said it was exactly like learning to ski all over again, but it's a really free feeling when you're telemark skiing. If you've never seen it you should give it a google, it looks nuts.

I also bought ski poles, which I've combined with a picture of my skis. My skis are ugly but I didn't exactly choose them. I also rented them in a different shop to where I bought this stuff.

And here is the hole in my ski.

Hopefully it'll last at least 10 days skiing. If it lasts that long I'll have just about broken even.
Looking back now I thinks she did rip me off getting me to pay the cost price for them. They've clearly been rented out a fair bit...

I had really horrible nightmares last night. The worst was the really realistic one where I thought I had woken up, then when you actually do wake up you're still kinda freaked. I've basically had 3 nightmares in that room over the last 24 hours, from naps and sleeps. That's pretty bad going. I think it's the room has quite a few noises, there's a really weird smell of kinda like solder or something all over the building, and the 3rd little roof-suite thingy is just creepy as fuck. Why the fuck is that there.

I'm hating the fact there's no wifi in my room too. It's taking ages to download this stupid movie I want to watch, and everytime I have to leave for whatever reason it won't resume where it left off. Twice I've been maybe 10 minutes off finished and had to leave to get something and start all over again. It's at 50 minutes til it's finished now.... Sick.

Anyway, keep cool guys.
Keep it cool.

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