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Saturday, 11 January 2014


I'm wrecked.
It was such an unbelievable trek to change apartments today.
I had to get up early to make the apartment squeaky clean so I get my deposit back, just made it to checkout in time, then I had to go lug around my heavy-ass bag, my skis, my backpack-bag which was full of crap, and my camera-bag(which is tiny and light but still inconvenient. I also had my bed linens in my hand too when I was going to checkout; it was cumbersome as fuck.
So anyway, eventually after checking out I managed to find the place where they had kindly printed my voucher for this weeks accommodation. They call them vouchers for some reason, they're just a piece of paper that says what accommodation I've paid for. I guess it is a voucher but it seems a bit weird calling it one... Anyway, I found that place and then had to go back basically all the way I had come from to get to the new accommodation agency.
It's suchhh a chore dragging a bag across snow. It's a solid 10 minute gruelling trek between these 2 places.
So then I get there and fortunately my apartment was already ready despite it only being like 11am, so that was a relief, but the downside was I had to now try find the place that rents bed linens because they didn't rent them there. I decided I'd come back for that since I wasn't up for lugging around all my crap while looking for this place, which turned out to be a great idea because it took ages to find. It did take me friggin' AGES to get to the new apartment though, it's quite out of the way. I had to walk all the way back past the place that printed my voucher again, and keep going, lift my bag up 20 steps, walk across some snow, go up another few steps, get a lift thing, go up 10 more steps, go across a bridge thing, get to this REALLY FUCKING STUPID walkway, which had a 1inch step or so every 3 feet, so carried my, I reiterate, HEAVY ASS bag up those 20 more tiny long steps, then walk across more snow, and FINALLY I get to the place. I find the lifts and stand there like a dope as a maintenance guy walks past me and opens the door for me. I didn't realise the lifts were BEHIND doors. It's so strange. They have these doors in front of the lift doors that only can be pulled open when the lift arrives. Why the fuck? I don't even know. I guess it has to be for aesthetics, which is hilarious because this place looks ugly as, well, balls. I walked into my room and felt like I was walking into a brothel. Here's the room.

Note to self, never buy thin red curtains.

I turned around after opening the windows and observed this crazy piece of room.
So apparently you can climb onto the top bunk, and then climb from there onto this hidden bed above? How utterly bizarre. I had to climb halfway up to the top bunk just to double check there were no bodies or anything up on the roof-suite (that's probably what they call these). Y'know yourself..... Peace of mind is important when you're living alone.

These are the keys they gave me. I think there's probably just about a key to every door in France here.

This bathroom is described as having a "hip bath". The most outlandish parts of me had hoped it was some uber-cool super-hip bath, but in reality this piece of shit is exactly what I was expecting. What the fuck is the point. I guess we just don't have that concept back home, and for good reason.

Anyway, I dumped my bags off and went back to look for my linens. Walked around for about half an hour before finding what i thought was the place. It closed at 12 which was just as I arrived and was to re-open at 2. So I basically wandered around for about 2 hours trying to find wifi so I could apply to jobs and couldn't get anything anywhere. Seriously. What the fuck France.

So at 2 I wander back to this place, stumble my French til she tells me in English that I'm at the wrong place and the other place is closed til 3 she thinks. So I wander around some more and get directions from some other Frenchie to the "lingerie", that's what that shit is called, which indeed is closed til 3, so I walk all the way home, and come back an hour later and finally get my stupid bed-linens.

Christ. You'd think they'd just leave that shit in your room for you. It's kinda nuts it's not free too, but whattaya gonna do.

In other news I had a really fun day yesterday. I was skiing with my friend and 2 of his mates which was nice to finally actually talk to people, and skiing with people is so much less tiring. You have to stop at every junction to clarify with everybody else where we're going. It was so much easier than just bombing it down as fast as I'm comfortable with (cos that's how I roll baby) and going back up.

Oh I forgot to mention. There's no wifi in this fucking room so I've to sit in the cold but thankfully indoor market area at the 6th floor but also it's ground floor on one side of the building to get it. And the wifi here is soooo shit..... I want to download a movie but I can't find any movie download links, and I also can't use stupid putty to access my server to move files to the public folder so I can download movies I already have.

I think I'll have to just try sleep.... Or make another phat song.

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