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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

I'm comin' home

So I had a close encounter with a job but alas it was not to be.
This woman rang me about an au-pair job that sounded pretty cushy, possible to ski everyday as not needed til half4, but minding kids every evening, and 1 of the weekend days would be fully on, one fully off.
Then she texted me saying an aupair they had before had said she could come back so I'm kicked to el kerb. Which is completely understandable if it is true. Or maybe she just hated my Irish accent (I have one?) over the phone as she is English. Them brits....

So anyway, I think I'll come home on Saturday so... I'm really just not having any fun here. I've kinda accepted the fact I'm going to go home so I doubt I'd even take one even if one came up between now and this time tomorrow when I book my flights.... I'm sort of looking forward to going home actually, it's really boring on my own. Although French people here are super nice.

I've no idea what this song sounds like as I don't have earphones down here in the lobby but I hope it's the song I'm thinking of. Probably not.
The lobby actually reeks of dog shit. A dog took a shit like 8 feet from me about 10 minutes ago. The owners cleaned it up but the smell remains.

I've been making another song you'll all be happy to know. But.... It's kinda hard to record the words. It's kind of a messed up song a bit and the walls are like, paper thin so I feel really self conscious while saying them. I don't want someone calling the police or something. You'll hear it in the next post hopefully.
All in good time.

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