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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Day 2 in the land of Frenchies

This picture happened to be on my camera from the day before I left Dublin. That'll be my lil bonsai tree  on the window-sill and it will most certainly be dead when I return to Ireland if it is not already dead. It is truely withered as fuck.
I've always thought bonsai trees were cool, so I bought this one and it was all going fine, and very little effort until I moved back home. I for some reason decided to leave the little fella in the little couch area beside our kitchen, probably for more sunlight or something. But since I spend precious little time in this area I ended up completely forgetting to water the chap for about 3 weeks. So it's poor little leaf-eens were falling off like mad yokes, abandoning ship. 
Also visible in this picture are:
  • My lovely slippers; I love them. 
  • My bedroom window; it doesn't keep the cold out very well, or noise out. 
  • My "condom" hat; it's black.
  • My upside-down mouse; it's upside down because it's unplugged and I just plonked it there. LOL!
  • My curtains; they're typical.
  • My wardrobe door; it's a very old wardrobe with a long long mysterious history. It was once owned by one of my dad's aunts or maybe my grandfather or something; it is quite small which is good because it means it fits in my room.
  • And last, and by far the least, my old i-pod mini; It still has music on it and works when it's plugged in, but dies immediately once disconnected. It's fun to look at the music I used to listen to though.

Ok so here is a view of the apartment that is my home until Saturday, and the next picture is the view as you walk out of the apartment building.

It's quite nice really for the price I paid. Although it is a little cold at night since the blankets are as thin as............. I'm REALLY stumped for a simile... As thin as paper. Whatever, shit one, I don't care (I do. You know fully well how disappointed I am at myself for that one). I've wacked the working radiator onto full wack for tonight so hopefully I won't be in the fetal position under my ski-jacket again tonight.

So what is going on. Well it seems this resort is quite a French one. Or maybe just the fact that I'm all alone means I just realise more than usual that I'm a foreigner. I've barely heard anybody speak English since I got here. I just wandered around all day basically today. I didn't apply for any jobs but I found at least 2 jobs online that I can apply for tomorrow. I've to travel to drop in the cv to one of them, the other is a phone call. It'd be for a worse job but has more hours. I'll fill you guys in with how that goes.

So I think I'm going to flick on "Dances with wolves" as I have it on my laptop and it's one of my Dad's favourite movies so I figure I should probably re-watch it as I can't remember it at all. Probably last saw it when I was about 12.

Here's a pretty song that's quite popular right now.

And here's another song that I really really like.

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