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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Painting my skis

"Now we are starting to get somewhere. At this point a little voice inside you will be screaming at you to just stop while you are ahead. This voice will says things like: “those skis look great right now, don’t risk it by trying to do more,” “you are bound to screw it up, just cash out right now before you ruin a perfectly good pair of skis.” You need to ignore this voice. Find that voice inside you that pushes you to greatness. The one that says “you can do anything,” “if you really wanted to you could make a pair of skis from scratch, much less paint them,” “you are meant to do amazing things.” It is this voice that you need to learn to listen to."

I'm planning on painting my skis to make them look like cool-dude-skis, so that lead me to reading this post someone made about painting skis. 

I just wanted to share that snippet with you guys. 
I think it's a great mentality and it's how I feel whenever I'm doing anything mildly creative.
You won't fuck it up, and if you do, you'll work something out to make it not matter that you fucked it up and it'll still end up better than it is right now because you are beast.

You are beast.

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