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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Cleaning is the opposite.

So I've been cleaning my room out a bit and now my eyes are sore presumably from the dust on half of this crap which has been left hiding under wardrobes etc for the last 5 or 6 years.

It's really nice to look at old school crap. I found a copy from when I was in 4th year.

Pretty cool little addition I had added to it, if I may say so myself. I was mad for drawing those squiggly dragon things back then. My gaeltacht copy was littered with them. When I went to take this picture my webcam said it was already streaming or something, which is pretty fucking weird. I've always wondered (not while high) if someone would make a virus to stream your webcam and then monitor what you do and have a picture/video of you to relate peoples interests to age/ethnic group. Never thought anybody would bother, especially since I'd imagine it would need one huge ass storage space, but maybe they do. Or maybe they just take pictures on certain events, or even just one picture, that'd be a lot less memory. Anyway I'm going totally off-topic and it's more than likely just something innocent.

So, back to the point, inside this copy was 0 science notes, and instead funny ideas that I had for a video which I never bothered making. Reading it now I think it would make for a funny video, the idea of the video is I'm a huge loser that nobody likes but I don't realise it.

I started writing them out, but I actually just couldn't be assed; it's quite long.
I also came across a story I had written for English class in 4th year, at first I thought it was really bent but then when I got to the end I realised it was not quite as bent as I had thought. It was like 4 and a bit A4 pages long though which is insane, what a swat. I must have kept it because it was the longest essay I'd ever written.

It's funny how when you tidy things it actually makes it messier until you're finished. It'd be nice if it just constantly made it tidier so you could see how you were doing as you went along.

This girl is really good. I quite like her.

I've really said a lot of nothing here.

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  1. aaaah that'd be so weird, thank god my computer's too shitty to have a built-in webcam.