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Monday, 9 January 2012

Fall into ....

I normally keep these pictures so simple but I stuck some colour and a background into this one, not sure why and I kinda regret it, but what is done is done.

Some day when I have the confidence and swagger, I'll sketch this real quickly, show it to a girl and say the speech bubble. On 3 I'd go for zee kill. When I say some day I of course mean never since they would presumably not know what I mean by the picture / think I'm taking creep to another level.

Nobody friggin' blogs with any frequency these days. This is my 70th post. Hurray for me.
It's my birthday in 2 weeks. I think I'll do nothing for it. People keep going on about applying for jobs, euch...

I got Donal So bad today.
I posted on the Engineering facebook page that there were very few people in college today, college doesn't actually start back until next Monday. Donal thought it was a joke so he asked me was I joking, or was college seriously on. So I said something along the lines of, yeah of course it was on you gobsheen. Then he asked Gav who told him it was on too. Not sure if Gav had seen my post or was just lying to Donal for the fun, either way it worked because Donal was convinced college started back today. So since he believed that I decided to bring up the 6000 word assignment we had due for first day back. Here's the facebook conversation.

Turned out the poor prick had mis-read the project spec (which was written slightly ambiguously) and had written 3000 words on the wrong topic. I rang him up to tell him the truth after that and he told me he had just got an extension from the lecturer anyways since he had done so much work on the wrong topic.
It would only happen to Donal.... He's the same guy who got sick in his car that night in the surf trip.

Ya wouldn't wanna see the size of these mouth ulcers baby. They're sick.

I prefer this to the original.

This song's ace too. I don't think I ever linked it before.


  1. I also have mouth ulcers. 70th post? I'm shocked.

  2. Wooo mouth ulcer partay. Ah, I just realised it isn't actually my 70th published post. I have 3 posts which never made it and are saved as drafts which it counts as posts too.