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Friday, 6 January 2012

Saying nothing is sometimes saying more than saying something.

I bet ya thought I wasn't going to write anything eh? Well I am. I watched "captain america : something or other" today. It was the worst movie I've seen in some time, the main character was one of those characters nerds are supposed to imagine are themselves which I talked about before. It was probably even worse than bridesmaids. I watched Hannibal the night before, it's so sick with the whole brain stuff at the end. So disgusting, I felt very uncomfortable trying to sleep after watching that since it was running through my mind. Also uncomfortable since I've been feeling a bit sickies lately.
The ski trip left today. It is the first (and last) xmas college ski trip which I'm going to miss. I'm not too bothered since I don't know many on it and it is nice to have time to do college work but boy ohhhh boy those are some fun trips.
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