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Friday, 13 January 2012

I bet you think this post is about you, don't you.....

Well it is. This one is about you Dave.
As Dave was leaving my house my blog came into the conversation somehow. Dave said how I'm brutally honest in it, which is very true. I talk more about emotions and all that bent crap here than I do in actual life. It must be a bit hard for the lads when they read this. They only know me as James, the suave, hard as nails and cool as tamagotchis lady's man. To read about a softer side must be shocking as hell.
Anyways enough about boring old me and back to David. I'm going to be very honest about David. David is the kind of guy who expects very little from people. He's a little cynical, quite pessimistic, very polite (yet not always quite PC) and he's as nice as buttons (we be talking the white ones here).
If in 50 years time David tells me his children amounted to McDonalds cashiers, I wouldn't be one bit surprised. Dave doesn't ask anything of people, he would hate to inconvenience anybody. He is in general, simply put, too nice for his own good. Granted he can act the dick (such as telling girls they look malnourished and to eat a sandwich) from when drunk from time to time, but we all can. He's pretty awful at being mean while sober.
Where I'm going with this is, I'd love if Dave kept a blog. I use mine basically as a diary, I just write little bits of what's on my mind but I don't want to say to anybody. I honestly think I get more enjoyment out of writing my blog than I get from reading anybody else's. I definitely don't think any of you enjoy it as much as me. I don't write it for anybody else, but I like the idea that anybody can read it all the same. It gives you the feeling of being listened to. I think it'd do anybody good to keep a blog. Or a diary, blogs better though for the feeling heard bit. With religion going out the window for most people, nobody really takes time to think about things and how they feel about crap. I definitely don't make enough time to think about myself.

It's funny, this title is so not true. I highly doubt Dave expected me to write a post about him.
I hope he doesn't mind. Considering only Shane and myself from our group are going to read this I doubt he'll care. He's quite good at taking abuse. I just hope if he ever does make a blog, he won't tell the LAAADS about it. He knows who I'm talking about.

In other news, DISASTER day yesterday.

It's presently 4am, I heard my dad (judging by the loud walking) going to the bathroom there a second ago and I know he could hear me typing on his way there (or probably during his stay there, walls are like paper y'all, it's sick). While he was there my laptop battery died and I was trying to restart my computer. It would have looked SO bad if he had walked in and I'm sitting here in bed with a blank laptop screen.

I've 6k words to write for Monday. Hoping 2k Today, 4k Sunday. Reasonable I think, or else I'm underestimating the scale of this project.