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Thursday, 29 December 2011

I dunno how he does it...

My dad always manages to break stuff while he fixes other things. At the moment the internet is only working on wireless, it won't work on our family pc. The reason? Because my sisters iPhone wouldn't update so my dad tried to fix it (not sure if he succeeded or not) and in the process somehow (I've no idea how) knocked out the internet.
So bizarre.

Life is rather boring at the moment. Doing nothing most days. I'm going to have to start college work soon out of boredom...

Got so baked the other night, my eyes were legit moving all over the place, I had so little control over them. At one stage I couldn't stop going slightly cross-eyed, I was making one eye look straight and the other go crosseyed. I can't do that now if I tried, but somehow I was doing it then! It was annoying though because my friend was freaking out thinking I would damage my eyes from straining them and I didn't even notice it being straining, in fact I was having a very hard time stopping myself from keeping on doing it.
I'd rather not get that baked again anytime soon, it was a little too much.

Gonna watch The IT Crowd now. PEACE

(No Video today kids, sorry)

Changed my mind, this clip is so fucking funny.

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