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Thursday, 19 January 2012

3 day weekend and I'm unbelievably un-excited.

I don't know what it is with this time of year but I always feel pretty down quite a bit in the 2nd semester of college. Usually it kicks in later in the year but presumably from lack of skiing and general fun I'm feeling like a mopey prick this evening.

I need to start playing squash again or something because I have nothing fun to do, ever. I'm presently sitting in college wasting time until I can get a nicer dart home. What I mean by nicer is: not cramped and not smelling of wet dog. I hate getting the dart home between half 4 and 7.
When I get home I forsee boredom. It's a Thursday and I have no college tomorrow, in 1st or 2nd year that would have been great news. I'd probably have tried to convince some people to head out. I'd be getting drunk and be hungover and happy to be doing nothing tomorrow. Instead of that plan (which doesn't even sound very tempting anymore) I'm probably going to end up just watching lots of That 70s Show tonight, hopefully with my sister if she's around. Tomorrow I'm probably going to sleep in until 4pm for lack of a tempting reason to get out of bed. I'll then be pissed off that I haven't read over this crap for my supervisor. I'll be pissed off that I wrote that here since that has basically solidified the fact that I won't get it done.

I decided a while ago that I'd try to go to the Pav every Friday since I don't have many Pav-Fridays left, and the weekend is the only time I can head out so if I want to head out with college peeps it has to be Friday. I actually couldn't give much of a crap if people do head out tomorrow night. If we do it'll probably just be a couple, like 4 or 5 as always, of people from c/cd/d and it'll be a bit shit like usual. It normally is a bit crap when it's not a whole year thing.

My sister last night was shocked when I told her I had blogged since a few months ago. When I asked why she was so surprised she goes, "I just didn't think you'd have enough to talk about to write blogs. Like you never have anything to say to me so what are you going to say on your blog?".
I guess since most of her male friends are gay or really camp she doesn't realise that most guys don't enjoy or have opinions on clothes or how bad it was that whoever did whatever.

Just watched this video and I'm already feeling happier. Laughter is such a drug.
Then watch "When the face doesn't work".
It's a good combo, she's funny despite being a little annoying.

In other news,
I've never listened to 2pac really, I never cared much for his songs for some reason but I stuck him on today because I heard this song where Eminem was ragging on Ja Rule for trying to be a 2pac impersonator.

I'm quite enjoying him. I really feel like I should know his songs since he's so so famous and I do like the hippidy hops.

In other news, I think I've lost all sense of whether I'm "cool" or a "geek".
I'm such a prick when it comes to apostrophes and plurals and they're vs there etc, (not so good with commas and shit) which is a pretty geeky thing to do. It's easy to feel cool when you're around computer engineers and computer scientists all the time. I don't see anything wrong with being a geek and I'll admit in ways I am a bit of a geek, but would someone who had just met me for the first time think "Shit this pricks a bit of a geek."?
I like to think they wouldn't. I doubt they'd think I was particularly cool either. I think it takes a while for most people to warm to me, maybe that's because it takes me a while to warm to people? I'm going to stop saying "warm to", it sounds a little, eh, weird. I think I'm funny, but I also think I think I'm funnier than I am. Hope I haven't made any paradoxes there. I'm not funny in this blog, it's far too serious, but in real life I make jokes from time to time and sometimes people laugh. I like it most though when I laugh. I do enjoy laughing. As I said, laughter is such a drug.

Wish I had a nice idea for something to draw. I'm shooting a blank at the moment though. (*insert a joke from Kelly*. I bet she wishes Donal shot blanks).

Right fuck this, it's time to get some food and hop on a dart.

Peace out fuck-faces.

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