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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Long time awake, very tired.

Here's my rainy day post. so tired.
world looking in-
I was thinking as a good analogy for vegetarianism,
If aliens came to our planet, would it be okay for them to round us up, stick
us in factories and start processing and eating us?
I googled it to see if it was discussed on the internet and I came across this.

Lots of meat-eating people completely missing the point of the question because
they fail to even notice the possibility that we're not the best thing
in the universe and the world doesn't revolve around them.

It's things like that which make me lose hope for the future of people.
We have too many idiots in our midst, we would doom ourselves by our
inability to interact properly with another race. There are people out
there who would rather doom the world than change. I know this is very
hypothetical, but imagine some aliens buzzed over here and saw our planet,
so they go, right you guys are fucked up. Stop slavery, stop eating animals
and stop killing each other. If you don't we're taking over here and getting
rid of you guys, because hospitable planets are few and far between.
Slavers wouldn't stop. Fat-asses wouldn't stop. And wars wouldn't stop.
As people we're real good at feeling entitled to things that we have no right
to. Everybody does it. I feel entitled to a job when I graduate despite not
having put any effort in to find one yet.

I think this is probably the case. It'd be nice if it wasn't but this would be my guess.
out of this list of options.

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  1. "We have too many idiots in our midst" - PRIME EXAMPLE is the idiot in my presentation group. He put a swastika in a powerpoint slide. Bear in mind we're in Germany, presenting to our German classmates, and German lecturer.