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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Hmmm, is the kettle warm?

Checking if the kettle is warm is the best way to figure out how long the family have been out; not a hint of warmth, they've been gone hours. Serious sleep in today, it was awesome.

I've been having some pretty badass dreams lately, I heard somewhere before that only boring people tell people about their dreams because they have nothing else to say and nobody can relate to it. I don't really agree since trippy dreams are awesome but some people obviously feel that way so I'll leave it out.

Just took out the old copy book diary of my youth, going to scan through it now and find something that isn't too embarrassing but also isn't too shit. I'm going to write them in exactly as they are, poor grammar and over-use of text-slang included. This is tricky, the ones that are embarassing are also the funny ones.
This is something I've been meaning to write about actually, I think it would have been funnier if I told it now but here's how I recorded it for myself.
A snippet from the 26th of September 2005. (for some reason I used to write down what radio station I was listening to. It was spin1038 this night). Any comments I add now will be inside square brackets (I doubt I even knew what square brackets were when I wrote this).

Went 2 Gaelteach Fancied 1 girl but met a diff 1 hu was hot enuf. And then met a diff 1 like 40 times! [As you can see this was a big deal to me. Now I'd conisder it 2 times as 39 of those times were actually in the one night. To be fair to the very uncool 15 year old me, we were scoring for ages.] It was deadly fun gaelteach! Andy was such fun! +Seamus. Darren had hilarious moments. Oisín was odd + sean. Eoin was sound. So was Peter lol! [Peter is my cousin so I guess the lol is as it was taken for granted he's sound, good joke James.]

..... irrelevant crap.......

I got my lvl 4a! [dunno why I put this in the middle of talking about the gaeltacht] Amy Wickham +Gillian instructed me. Can't remember Gills 2nd name. Jack Stanley instrcted 4 wk1. Sailed 29er + laser. No, not simultaniously! [I really hope I didn't think I was funny] Have over 20 rib hrs now.

Got Pissed on beach last nite on Gaeltch. Was fun. But, then I got wasted. 3 nagginsa brandys not 2 gud 4 ya! Especly when d baen an tí gave a tiny dinner that day! Then I didnt leave on d bus nxt day + dad + Peter Sr came up and brote us home nxt day. [Getting annoyed by my spelling yet?] E250 jdjr me and Pete. [I did a euro sign not E in my diary. Also Gaeltacht obviously paid off since I used the word idir there eh?] I wanted to pay for it all. Ptr sed he'd alrdy pd when I txd him.

We went 2 beach, then Me + Derv left pier up to dunes. Met loads came back Ais was on ground psd Ciara also was psd. then jess got psd. we walked girls home, then Me, darr + Pete got more drink and went bhind d diving place + cant remember then!

..... Irrelevant AND unrelated crap.......

Got grounded aftr Gael."

I might re-write that story in the future and throw in some more details since I remember quite a lot of the night, impressive given how much I drank. A lot more of the night than I described here. As you may have noticed from my abbreviations I was quite lazy while writing in my diary.
Actually I nearly definitely will write about that story again, it's a good story when told properly, I left out a lot.

I want to learn this on the piano. It's really awkward to read it from my laptop and play though and my printers not working at the moment so I may have to wait a while. I also want to replay Final Fantasy X.

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