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Monday, 5 December 2011

False hopes and broken promises.

Got absolutely fucking unbelievably shit-faced on Saturday night. It was Colm's dad's surprised 50th doo thing in Howth. I don't really know his dad at all so we pre-drank in mine til well after the surprise would have happened. We went there at about 11, then onto joes about 1 for a lol, then back to the summit at like 4 since Colm's brother knows some guy who runs it or something. Drank a ridiculous amount of jaegar bombs. Colm got sick on the bar of course and I'm not really sure what happened after but I think we sorta got told to fuck off.
I vaguely remember walking towards my house with Colm and Shane, I think we got about 5 minutes max towards it when I decided it was way too far; I figured it'd be a good idea to ring my cousin who lives near where we were and get him to let us kip in his. I'd like to mention it was friggin' freezing by the way. So we turned around and walked about 15 minutes away from my house, but we forgot to tell Colm we were turning around and he had walked on ahead so we lost him basically. This being at least a 2 hour walk from his house, and it was 6am so there were no cars or taxis anywhere. Shane and I walked to my cousins, I tried ringing him about 10 times before I realised that I had no credit for the call to go through. When we got there I decided we could just kip in his shed since we couldn't get through to him, so we hopped his wall and immediately their dogs started barking their heads off so we hopped right back over the wall and pegged it for a minute. Then we went a tiny bit down this steep little overgrown off-road path and I decided to ring my gaff for a lift since it was now 7am. My dad picked us up, vaguely remember getting home, I was so hammered.. Shane and I stuck a pizza on and fell asleep in my living room.
Ate the pizza hours later after we woke up when it felt safe to test my tummy, it was actually pretty deece. Tasted a lot like foccacia, which makes sense I guess. We were pretty worried about Colm actually since he was in a way when we left him and when we rang his phone it had been turned into the Summit bar. We figured he might have fallen asleep in someones garden or something, and since it was so cold I was kinda thinking he could get pneumonia. Turns out he got home somehow though so it was fine. Shane and I watched a fair bitta tv in a big hungover shhhhtate.

Frozen planet is so so class. It made me really want to go see the northern lights thing in person. Here's a real shit quality link.
That is something I'd love to see in person. A video could never do that justice since things can always be faked in videos and we're all used to seeing literally unreal things in videos.
People living in the Arctic really have it hard though. It's not a cosy place to live at all. It's harsh but you get amazingly fresh air and incredibly beautiful stars.
Also futurama was golden as always. Bender is my idol.

Lastly I've been watching this tv show called "Freaks and Geeks". It's set at the start of the 80s (I think) and it was made about 10 years ago! It's got a great cast though and it's very very enjoyable. 40 min episodes, so it's meaty everytime. It's handy too because it forces you not to watch more than 1 a day since Megavideo would stop you and you have to wait/plug out your modem. I highly recommend it though if you're looking for a tv show!

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