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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Choo Chooo. All Aboard the stressful train.

So this week is shit. I have a test tomorrow. I failed the first one so I really need to do well in this one. I also have 3 projects due this week. A graphics one on Tuesday which I've done a bit for so it should be okay, an entire distributed systems project due thursday which I haven't even started and could be completely fucked for, and a databases project which I've done but need to write the report on for friday, I also have to do a report on the graphics one for friday. It's a lot of work and I really can't wait until friday...

I posted twice last week but I wrote another post in between them that I decided I would save for a rainy day. That rainy day will surely be this week since I won't have time to write here for a while.

College is stress and I can't wait to be finished with it at this stage. I think I could be a lot happier in the working world. As much as I enjoy the social side to college I'm starting to think that maybe in education is not where I want to be. I often fantasise (if that's the word) about disappearing, just packing my shit up and going to the Alps or something and not telling anybody where I'm going. Starting completely fresh and completely on my own. Just leaving everything behind, college, friends, family. It'd probably be awful though. Ups and downs to everything. It's nice to think about though because it makes me realise that I can take my life any direction I want.

I was at a piano yoke today, the lady who taught me piano always has a piano recital every xmas for her students and she invited me so I went with my dad. I didn't go for the students bit, I just went for when this guy called Lance Coburn (who she gave a few lessons to years and years ago I think) was playing music by this aussie chap called carl vine.
It's not my fav thing in the world but it's good. Found it pretty weird how well the pieces went down with the people listening. Didn't expect this to be my dad's type of thing at all.

My dad is so much so one of those embarassing dad's. I spent a bit of time with him over the last few days and he doesn't embarrass me nearly as much any more but he still has no shame in saying what's on his mind, regardless of what it is or how it makes him look. I love and hate that.

Need to watch this freaks and geeks episode and go to sleep so I can get up to study.
It should be buffered enough by now!

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