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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Keep the head down and keep looking up.

So the test went okay... He's doing the answers tomorrow at 11, I'm not sure where or if I even want to know the answers so I might just take a lie-in. I don't want to be wrecked trying to program all day tomorrow.. Think I got a decent amount of marks for my game, met the basic criteria and hopefully maybe 1 or 2 extras. Got the report to do on it for Sunday. Fun. I have an awful lot of distributed systems to do tomorrow, to demo it on thursday. It'll work out though. I'll be having a report on that for monday. Deadly buzz. Spent a while trying to do it earlier but basically ended up sponging off John, Simon, Iain and Donal. I hate being a sponge, it makes me feel like such a dickhead. Especially at times like that, I sorta half looked at it but didn't get it working, dicked about a bit then went and did the big sponge. Like I did some stuff myself so I could feel worse I guess.... It's shit when it's with people like that because it's basically always one way with those guys, I'm always behind them. Maybe I should just stop taking help off them but it's so convenient to. Left there at half 9 I think, came home and watched some movie about wanting to kill your boss with moo, it was actually pretty good. Jennifer Aniston was in it and she was a sex fiend/predator but she was so desirable. 

(This came up on my youtube homepage, I was about to look for the song I posted at the top. Quite the contrast but it's really nice so I figured I'd slip it up here).
I'm still saving that other post for the rainy day.

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