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Monday, 28 November 2011

Life, Job & the guy who'd rob.

So I took a little shhneaky break from doccin' me life there. Felt the river of laughs that once was my blog was running dry.
Mystery tour was fun. Paddy was friggin' real drunk which was nice since I haven't seen him pisshed in ages. Gav was a state too so I believe. I kissed some wench. Actually fuck this. I said before way back when that I don't want my blog to be just a log of the everyday events in my life. I'ma just talk crap more often. I prefer that.

So, I was thinking this today, I presume most people would agree, lets find out.
So many fucking sci-fi/fantasy/superhero crap have bits where it's like: "Did you ever think you were destined for something more in life?" or some generic crap like that. The reason they put it in is so you go like, "yeah man, I feel that way too. That could be me....". And boom, you're hooked and gonna watch the rest of this mediocre piece of crap.
I think it's a depressing thought that everybody thinks; "Is there actually nothing more to life?". Or maybe I just have a depressed outlook to life. I kinda hold out on the hope that having kids will be a great feeling.
Life is rather pointless and since we have so much free time it's very easy for us to think this. I wonder before life was safe and easy did people ever think this? Maybe life was more meaningful when being successful only required you to continue living.
I also think people think they're better looking than they are. I think most people would deny this to the ground if asked, I would. But it gives you confidence if you tell yourself you're more attractive than you actually are.
Girls have a thing for oranges. This one's simple, I can't think of any other reason why perfectly good looking girls would choose to dye their skin this colour.

So it's becoming that time in life. The time when you have to start worrying about a job. Where do I want to be in 3 years time? Money vs Likelihood for happiness? What exact field of computer engineering do I want?
It's stress and I don't want this in my life. I want to live with my friends, work on some projects that I enjoy during the day, get pissed at weekends and enjoy life in general. The problem is I don't know where any of my friends will be working, and I doubt any job will ever be just 9-5 everyday. There's just some people who I don't want to move abroad and they probably will, and I don't want to move abroad because then I'll miss everybody. I guess I have to move on and grow the fuck up.

The Guy Who'd Rob
So I had a real weird dart trip home today. At Kilbarrack of course some lad hopped on the dart, I had my earphones but I could hear him talking to someone in the seats opposite me, and then he sat down opposite me. He looked either a bit drunk, on something or else just genuinely really really tired. I'd have guessed a bit drunk and stoned but his eyes weren't red and he wasn't THAT sleepy. He was sleepy though. Anyhu, he asked me where I was going so I took my earphones out and started talking to him.
Turned out he was a pretty alright lad, chatty and whatever. He grew up in Howth but lives in Blanchardstown now. 
So to the point.
He was telling me on the dart what to do if someone is ever starting shit with me, you act like you want to whisper something to them, then as they get close you knee them in the balls, then loaf them in the head, then fucking uppercut them for the lights out shot. Apparently his old man was a man for doing it and taught him it. Said he'd used it 6 or 7 times. He also was telling me how to do a sleeper hold, and was remarking how careful you have to be to release the person as soon as they go unconscious or else you'll kill them. He was saying you flex your bicep to cut off the artery/vein in the neck, so I was thinking, right there's a move I can't do so. No friggin' biceps. 
When we got to Howth he put on his hat and was saying how hats are great because they hide his scars. So that lead on to him saying how he had been in jail for some time (for a joyride; getting chased by cops around Howth, 2 and a half years), in jail some lad "stabbed his brother to bits", so he stabbed the guy back, and then the guy stabbed him in the neck some time later and he needed 18 stitches or so. It was a pretty big scar. Apparently it's an ongoing fued thing. 
He was saying he's going to jail again in february, that's when his next trial is. He said he wasn't proud of what he did but he'd tell me anyways, he said to watch out for it in the papers feb 19th. My memory is so bad I can't remember his name but I do roughly recall what he did. Him and a mate robbed a cops gaf, stole a stun-gun, some 9mm bullets and a coppers uniform. Then one of his mates and him went out with a flashlight and went pulling cars over. Doing the whole copper bit, and I kinda missed a few details here and I'm not really sure what happened, but I think they were knicking the shit from the ppls cars while they had them standing up against the cop cars. They floored it once they were done and happened into a police checkpoint thing so they were fucked. His mate got out of the car and pegged it away, lucky for him, but this guy wasn't so lucky so he's gonna be getting jail time.
All in all, a pretty interesting dart-trip home.

Here's a picture I drew while really bored in a lab. I think it's cooool.

I was going to try write a lil rhyme or something but now it's quite late and I couldn't be assed. This is cutting into my 8 hrs sleep. Nite.

Token song.

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  1. I think everyone has a thing for oranges, they smell like christmas. Fake tan smells like shit though. Nice turtle!