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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

No relationship was started on a wet dream.

On a big Urthboy binge at the moment. I'll just throw a few links at the end.
Went on the surf trip last weekend. It was really good fun. I went with Donal and Gav. Donal drove us down, nearly killing us all a few times but we arrived unscathed somehow. Turned out we were to house with some 3rd year engineers who knew a good few people in our year through VDP soc. Staples and I shared a room, Donal was supposed to share the fold out doublebed couch with one of the 3rd years.
Anyways we played some drinking games, usual crack the first night. We stayed around the houses for the night. The 3rd year engo lads decided it was a good idea for us to lock the house so it wouldn't get thrashed. It was a good idea. But maybe not for Donal.
We're pretty drunk and disperse amongst the house parties etc. At some stage drunk Donal decides to go home but alas the house is locked. So he hops into his car. We don't know where Donal's gone and the house is still locked so we assume he must have cashed in.
We head back to the house as the night comes to an end. Shiner(3rd year engo housemate) realizes he needs a blanket so he tries to steal mine and Gav's. Gav and him wrestle over the blanket a bit; I'm too wrecked to really care. Somehow it ends up with myself lying on the right of the bed, Shiner in the middle with the blanket and Gav beside him trying to pull it off him. Suddenly I get a smack in the face as Shiner gets the fuck out of the bed as quick as he can.

Turns out Gav decided he'd get shiner out of the bed pretty quick if he whipped his kacks off.
I guess it worked in that way, but then it just ended up with us on one side of the bed and gav holding his bits in his hands on the other. Onesies went on a sleep ensued.
Donal wakes up a few hours later and there's sick all over the inside of his car so he comes inside. The smell in the morning was ransid.
We watched home and away for a solid amount of time in the morning, it's actually really good.

2nd night we played the mushroom game, I tipped the cards. Then we played a really good game of kings. For 2 we had to go get stuff. Different suits meant different things. A johnny, a bra, a toaster and the most random item were the categories. I got my first and only score of the weekend off a girl from the house where I got the bra. I don't think it was hers, at least she said it wasn't but I was meant to give it back to her to give back to the chick in her house. I used my classic creeping line which you should know from a previous blog post. Drinking game recommenced and chicks fecked off. No real stories from that night, I went to bed kinda early since I was real drunkk.

The last night was real good fun. We got up to some shenanigans, some people were putting eggs in microwaves in houses which were left open. I've no idea who. It was hilarious because it made the houses stink, so you could walk around being like Peeee-u smells like egg in here. What is that? And some people were nicking all the toilet paper from all the houses so people would be in trouble come shit-time in the morning.... Again, NO idea who. Most notably Donal got in a fight with some UCD lads. I didn't actually see it but his nose, forehead and lip were a bit swollen in the morning. To be fair apparently he landed one or 2 on the lad too before his mates jumped in. Donal doesn't know how it started but he thinks he said something about yer man's outfit.
This weekend is Helen's 21st on Friday and Collettes on Saturday up in Donegal. Think I might drive to both. Not drink at Helen's maybe. Helen is one of those people who I always get really messy drunk around. I think it's safest to not drink and just drive.

I have so much college work to do over tonight and tomorrow. A huge individual report and we have to finish our group report for management. (I had started writing my individual report but then heard that lyric which is the title and decided I wanted to make a blog post with that as the title).
Have to do some database online course thing I'm not really sure what it even is for Monday. Need to look into writing this C# program for meeting my supervisor next week. And other crap which is less immediate...

Song title lyrics are part of this song.
This song is really really awesome. Way less rap based hiphop.
This song is just straight up ace.
Long time favourite.
Listening to this a fair bit lately too.

And one more for good measure.

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