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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Musical moods.

So I've noticed that my choice in music kind of goes in circles. I always come back to the same bands for brief periods of time whilst listening to random new stuff. Since everything in life goes in circles I thought it'd be a nice idea to make a circular graph. I don't think I've ever actually seen one before but surely someone must have made something like this before?
Time being the x-axis, and the x-axis being circular means it is recurring, never-ending (you'll see how this is extremely useful, a novel idea really). So it's perfect for depicting things that have no set timeframe but follow a pattern. Such as a repeating waveform, although for that it is a bit more awkward to view. You have to use your head for the Y axis but it's the space between the 2 x-axis lines. I had a load of things I was thinking of putting on the graph but I didn't want it to look untidy.

Edit: Upbeatness is MY general level of upbeatness, not the music, although it's basically the same thing.

Here's a song. Guess where I am! (actually I think I may have done this graph in the wrong order since I've just come from an elliott smith phase!

I just made this post on the 4th year engineering facebook page. You guys can have a go at it too if you like!
I actually haven't worked out the number to my own riddle yet.

I said:
You have an infinite number of very strong pink elephants capable of carrying infinite weights and walking at maximum speed of 1m/s, you have an elephant named Tom. Tom wants to break the maximum speed ever travelled by an elephant. That being 4 m/s travelled by Tom's great grandfather Terry, when Terry fell down a hill. So Tom wants to move at 5m/s. Tom comes up with an idea to beat this speed by simply walking! But he can't work out how many of his elephant friends he'll need to get to help him. Can you work out how Tom plans to do this and how many elephants he'll need? 
Protip: Re-watch dumbo (particularly this bit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=944cPciN-kw)

It's well past bedtime. Goodnight world.


  1. Is it something like walking on a line of elephants that are already walking?