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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

New york and.... yeah.

Was eating my pizza, decided to do this, not quite sure why but voila.

New York was really good fun. The pizza there was better than the pizza above (although that was pretty yummy despite looking quite mank in that pic). I flew out Friday and left there Sunday night, so I got back Monday morning. Tiring stuff. My pops was a pilot so we got standby flights which so it's not a big waste of money only going for a weekend.

On Friday night we just went and got ourselves some food, went back to my sister Maeve's apartment and crashed from exhaustion. Getting through immigration in JFK is horseshit. It takes ages. So tiring.

Saturday I had my trapezing lesson real early, we got a taxi to the wrong place first, then had to leg it in another taxi to the right place. Trapezing is GREAT.
This is a pretty crap video of my second swing, but it's the only video I have at the moment I'm afraid.
I felt so retarded on my final go. I was pretty dehydrated at the stage and was kinda tired. The idea was instead of putting your legs on the bar, just put your heels on it and then let go of your hands at the last second when you go forward and sorta swing free of the swing. But muggins here let go of my hands way to early and basically did an entire swing hanging just by my heels, presumably looking ridiculous. Although I'm still kinda surprised as to how I managed to stay on hanging just by my heels. I don't have it on video so sozzle sticks kids.

That night we went to see the Sister Act musical, which was pretty good. The first half was pretty funny, the second half was really predictable and kinda dragged on. Not sure if starting to feel really tired had anything to do with it.

On Sunday we went for a walk through central park which was cool. Happened across elmo just sitting on a bench chilling there. And the "Afrobats" were there, some pretty cool gymnastic comedians. They wore fake afro's, hence the name. Good fun to watch, especially since my sister Maeve got picked out as one of the people who the guy did a front flip over!

The flight home was eventless, I watched a movie called "Super-8" which I had heard about from my housemates in Kenya. Loads of them went to see it and all but one proclaimed it the biggest piece of shit ever. They all seemed to think I might like it however, which I thought was a bit weird since they all said they hated it. Anyways I watched it and thought it was alright. Not great but the kid actors had a really cute relationship, the plot outside of the 2 of them was pretty cliché.

Arrived back on monday morning, just in time for these lovely floods we're having here.

I'm not particularly in love with this song, but the lyrics are real good.


  1. I liked Super 8. I also like New York. Trapeezing looks super cool. I'd probably just piss myself. Or cry.

  2. ah that looks so cool! (the trapeezing, not the pizza face, though i suppose that's kind of cool?)